IA Girls' Dorm News

March 18, 2016

Spring is in the Air

We hope you've enjoyed your spring break! The weather is feeling warmer, birds are singing, and tulips are budding. We look forward to everyone coming back. The school year has passed quickly with only one quarter left before graduation!

  • Dorm will re-open at 4 PM on Sunday, 20 March.

IA Appropriate Clothing

  • No tight fitting clothes
  • Dresses & skirts should be no more than 1" above the bend of the back of the knee
  • Uniforms should not be altered to create skinny pant legs
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Meet Our Newest Resident~Brooke

Brooke is joining our girls' dorm family. The girls have asked for a pet so we've looked for one that will hopefully be hypo-allergenic. Brooke is a Dwarf Russian Hamster.