Summer of '49

David Halberstam


This book is about how baseball affected America especially in 1949. It talks about Jackie Robinson, the first black baseball player, how baseball symbolized a return to normalcy after World War II, and how the players lived through it.
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Author's Purpose

To inform: David Halberstam wrote this book to inform us about how much baseball and baseball players have affected America in more than just sports. Baseball was scene as a necessary part of everyday life. , People would crowd the streets to see the Yankees on a regular season game, Lines 5 blocks long of people would be waiting for news stands to open so people could read who won last nights game and read the sports column, Ticket sales doubled from years before World war II to After World War II, radios were being sold in greater quantities than ever before, for the first time people saw a reason to buy a TV, and lastly he wanted us to know that if it wasn't for Baseball and Jackie the civil rights movement probably wouldn't have happened. "Baseball, then, came to symbolize the idea of America as the land of opportunity and justice for all in 1947, with the coming of Jackie Robinson, the sports was going to open up not just for the sons of recent immigrants but to native sons of color as well."

To entertain: The Author didn't just write this book to inform, in 1949 there was a story. It was the start of probably the biggest rivalry in sports between the Yankees and Red Sox. At the head two super star players Joe DiMaggio for the Yankees and Ted Williams for the Red Sox. Throughout the book they keep going back to these two players, Joe for his speed in the out field and always hitting the Ball when it counted and DiMaggio holds the record of getting 56 hits in a row with no strikeouts or walks. While Ted William was a hitting master some seasons batting an average above .400 and has the seventh best batting average in the history of baseball.

Three Principles techniques

Greatest Impression

Chapter 2 made the greatest impression on me because it got into who Joe DiMaggio was. It talked about who he was, how his social life was, and how he felt at the plate versus how he looked.

Book Rating

I rate this book a 4 of 5. I liked the book a lot and the story was great, but there was parts were it strayed from what the over all message of the book was about. Other than that it was a good read and had an interesting topic.

Passage 1

Pages 117- 136

I Chose the passage page because it talked about the relationship players had with reporters. In a few cases some of the reporters became players best friend. like one of Joe DiMaggio's best friend was reporter Jimmy Cannon.

Passage 2

287- 297

I chose this passage because it talks about Don Newcomb the first Black Pitcher in Professional Baseball. It talks about one of the most exciting games in the world series of 1949 Newcomb versus Reynolds, both players say that was the best pitched game of there careers.

Political Issues

This book covered many political and social issues. Those issues were about what to say to reporters whether or not to let black people in baseball and players versus general mangers.
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