History-how it all got started

     All got started in art. When I got home and just stated to draw and didn’t want to stop. I finally found something I was good at. My dad went out and bought me a drawing pad and pencils he said "start drawing practice makes perfect" so i started drawing and never stopped.

being an expert

There are at least 4 different values of pencils. And 4b is the darkest. I usually use just a regular pencil to draw. I really only use the good pencils on special times or when it’s a big project. I’m always finding something to draw. And contently buying sketch notebooks and pencils.

What I draw

When I draw I usually cartoons, really just about everything. Eventhough hardest thing I have drawn is a dragon for science. But if you put your mind to it you can really draw almost anything. But I try to draw when ever I have free time.

my thoughts now

 I really like drawing and I don’t think I will ever stop. Drawing has become my life and most likely in the future I will continue. Maybe being an art teacher or an artist.