Mercury Missions

Paige Smith


My project was about the Missions to Mercury. The missions to Mercury were the Russian led mission, NASA led missions, Japanese space agency led missions, European space agency led missions, China national space administration led missions, and the Indian space research organization. And all of them had some sort of history.

First Mission- NASA

There was seven american explores: Walter M. Schyra jr., Donald K Slayton, John H Glenn Jr., Scott Carpenter, Alan B Shepard Jr., Virgil I Grissom, and L Gordon Cooper who first landed on planet mercury. The mission was born on October 7, 1958 and lasted five years, with six manned missions making history between May 1961 and May 1963. The goals of this mission was acheived was to orbit a manned spacecraft around earth, investagate man`s ability to function in space, and to recov er both man and spacecraft safely.

The Six Missions

There were six missions that carried human passangers. Before that there were 20 test flights of the Mercury capsule and various boosters.

USSR Mission

The USSR studied taking a spacecraft to Mercury and was expected to crash of the Phobos:

Grunt spacecraft. A proposed flightb scenario for the mission included a flyby of Venus, the insertion of the spacecraft into the orbit around Mercury and the delivery of a lander on it`s surface.

European Mission

In the European mission they were testing to make sure that the new probe has survived a sorching test run in a giant oven. And yes they used a giant oven because it was the closest to match it. Testing thatthe craft can handle very strong heat.
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Project Mercury First Flight: "Space Progress" 1960-12-22 Universal Newsreel Mercury-Redstone 1A
USS Intrepid Recovery Vessel for Mercury and Gemini Missions