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English Assignment

Song analyse, john paul young- Love is in the air

Love is in the air by john paul young is a song Australian song that was song in the 1970’s. The song is about love that is in the air and how it should reach everyone in the world but it doesn’t. The singer is singing towards the world that is their isn’t enough love in the world.

The tone of the song is soft and gentle and keeps this tone for the whole length of the song but in a minute through the song he projects his voice and he is louder and it makes him more persuasive and at that point he is more aggressive.

The rhythm of the song is slow-medium beat and catchy.

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Ten songs

Australian rock songs


1. friday on my mind-Easybeats

2. The real thing-Russell Morris


1. daddy cool-Eagle rock

2. John Paul Young- Love is in the air


1. men at work-Down under

2. Power and the passion- Midnight Oil


1. You know that- screaming jets

2. freak show-silver chair


1. Rock and roll train-AC/DC

2. Back round-wolfmother

AC/DC - AC/DC Rock N Roll Train (Live At River Plate 2009)
John Paul Young - Love Is In The Air (1978)
Men At Work - Down Under