TeachMeet for MFL Teachers

Have fun and learn from your colleagues

Eleven reasons to attend this event.

1) It is great CPD;

2) You will have fun;

3) You will learn proven strategies from your peers;

4) You will have the opportunity to share your experience, knowledge and expertise

with others;

5) You don't have to present anything. Feel free to "pinch" ideas from others;

6) Networking (ideal for PGCE students);

7) Learn new ways of exploiting the internet in a classroom setting;

8) You will meet people, like you, who have a passion for the teaching and

learning of foreign languages;

9) You will meet students who will demonstrate good spontaneous speaking skills;

10) Luton is a great place for a day out. (Honest!);

11) and it is free to attend.

TeachMeet for MFL Teachers

Saturday, Jan. 25th, 9:30am

Stopsley High School, Saint Thomas's Road, Luton, Beds

Please contact me if you would like to attend.

email amaclean.st@campusluton.org.uk

twitter @amaclean72



09.00-09.30 Meet and Greet (light refreshments)

09.30-12.30 TeachMeet sessions

12.30 - Bar ( one minute walk from the school)

Are you still undecided?

Maybe Dughall McCormick can persuade you!