A Chimp's Life

By: Bryson F.


A chimp survived a human interference by eating a lot of figs. Other enemies are leopards

and diseases. Some African villages will make a war with a chimpanzee so some chimps

will die. When a person kills a chimpanzee and sell it they will get 300 to 1,000 dollars.

Those are all the ways my animal survives.


What chimps look like

Chimpanzee's bodies are interestingly long. They are about 39 inches when you are talking about the males. They are over three feet, weighs 45-80 kilograms and one hundred pounds. The females are shorter and lighter than the males. Chimp's thumbs are long with opposable thumbs to climb up trees. They also have long arms, thick body, short legs, no tail, face, ears and toes that are bare. This describes the chimpanzee.
PREDATORS Meat Eating Chimps