Those who are patient shall thrive.

Welcome to our safe and efficient home!

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Staying safe

In our city everyone is well sheltered and protected from the disaster the comet has created on our planet. Although, when your here it feels like nothing ever happened! Here are some ways our high-tech life style creates a well organized and safe environment.

Our surveillance system:

The system's highly advanced technologic appliances listed below ensure that everyone inhabiting our city is making good choices and staying safe.

How our city is organized

In Serenity, we have established a certain positioning/ranking structure. This structure is enforced solely to keep order and well-being in our society . Please keep in mind that the differences between classes are very minor and that everyone in serenity is treated like royalty.

How it works

We have installed four rankings in our structure : the Founders, the Closens, the Seconds and the Sadows. The Founders are families that have lived in Serenity for the longest amount of time (over 2000 years). The closes have lived here for over 1500 years, the seconds have lived here for over 1000 years and rest of our population has lived here less than that. Each family will be moved up a class when they have lived here for the proper amount of time. Although the difference between classes is minor. All classes receive the necessary amounts of food and are given really quite amazing living conditions. You can view our nutritional delicacies and our highly commendable housing units later on in this flyer.

Our Housing Units

Our housing units are organized in a new and improved way. Each housing building is divided into numerous groups of 4 individual apartments. In every section, one family of each of the four classes will be housed.

This way the founders can carefully monitor all the activity in their section and can keep everyone safe. Since we have limited space due to the invasion, this housing system permits us to build upwards instead of outwards. The system most importantly allows bonds to be formed between families in different classes, which then creates a friendlier and more unified community and environment.

Modern Transportation: Zip Cubes

How they work: the cubes are attached to long metal cords that lead to a certain location (one of our many "cube stops"). There are many different color coded zip cube lines that each cover different parts of the community. We have 3 large boarding stations located across our territory, from which our citizens can board the cubes.

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keeping peace in our community

Everyone that inhabits Serenity is strongly advised to participate in their daily hours of meditation. And you, the soon to be member of our family, might be wondering why is it that we meditate. We do so because we have realised that meditation can help create a calmer person. Having a peaceful and level-headed community would have solved many of the problems the inhabitants of earth had faced before the comet, war for example.

Individuals are each given their own sound proof meditation cubicles in which they can explore their inner tranquillity to the fullest. These cubes have turquoise walls because the color turquoise is associated with meanings of refreshing, calming, serenity, wholeness, creativity, emotional balance, tranquility and patience.

Our delicacies


Our clouds store huge amounts of information
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*The rules of our community shall be given to you immediately after you become a member of serenity.