Summer of Roller Coasters

By Dilan Patel (P1 Science)

Physical Science at Six Flags

I went to Six Flags over the summer and that involved physical science because it involved roller coasters.

The Most Intresting Part of my Visit

I was waiting for my cousin to finish going to the bathroom, so I was with my brother and my other cousin while we were waiting. My brother had some extra change from lunch, and we saw a massaging chair. we thought it was going to be short and soft, but it made a huge sound and I think it went on for 5 minutes and it was super loud. after that, we saw a bunch of other people do it because it looked so fun.

Three things about me that you would want to know

I love sports. I am a huge Patriots, Bulls, Cubs, and Blackhawks fan. I also like playing sports video games on my PS4 such as Madden 16 and NBA 2K16. I also like eating at Buffalo Wild Wings because it's my favorite restaurant.