James Fenimore Cooper

All about James Fenimore Cooper

James Cooper was born on september 15, 1789 in Burlington, New Jersey. He was the eleventh out of twelve children. When he was one he moved with his parents william and Elizabeth to Cooperstown on Ostego Lake in central New York.

James Cooper's Boyhood

Durning James Cooper boyhood, There where few backwoods settlers left and even fewer Indians. However, Cooper's early Experiences in the frontier town gave him the background knowledge used in the Pioneers in 1923. James Cooper went to college in 1803 through 1805 he attended yale College, He got expelled from college in 1805 because apparently an expulsion stemmed from a dangerous prank that involved james Cooper blowing up another student's door.

After all the trouble with collage he went and became a Sailor and after that he became a midshipman in the navy. In 1820 James Coopers wife susan betted him that he could write a better book that the one she was reading so James Cooper took the bet and wrote his first novel and published "The Novel of Morals and Manners that showed the influence of Jane Austen." in 1820.

Then in 1821 he wrote another book called "The Spy" and published it in the same year, because of all this success he has been having with writing his books he moved to New York City to start writing career. After he moved to New York City in 1823 he wrote and published "The Pioneer," Witch was the first of the five novels featuring the heroic character Natty Bumppo. James novels told of settling the western frontier and including historical events.