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LOOK FOR WEEKLY ADDITIONS TO "The" PE PAGE - AFTER SPRING BREAK Assignments and Links to some assignments can be found here.

OFFICE HOURS for Coach Rhoades

Christy Rhoades/ Monday - Friday 8:30-9:30 am & 3:00 - 4:00 pm

This section is under construction! I hope to be adding PE at Home activities in addition to other fitness and activities soon!

Other Ways To Connect

Some of these are linked below:

Twitter - Christy E. Rhoades aka Coach Rhoades @rhoadesch

Instagram - crhoades713



Our Gym Is Empty.....

Please send us pictures of you and your family getting some exercise and being physically fit.

Note: Pictures may be posted to our school web page If you do not want to have a picture posted to our school web page then please tell me in the email etc.....Thank you so much.

We want to see the creative ways you are staying fit at home.

New Material for the week of April 20th - April 24th - Daily Choices & Mental/Emotional Daily Activities and continue with your Fitness PE (at Home) Journals

New Material for the week of April 27th - May 1st - Scavenger Hunt & On-line Options/Videos and continue with your Fitness (PE at Home) Journals

New Material for the Week of May 4th - May 8th - Check out your packet and if you want choices for some on-line activities they are on page 2. Check out the PE Bingo and keep up with your Activity Journal.

Please check out the pictures below....These are a few we have received. Keep them coming we will try to get as many of them posted as we can!


Big picture

PE AT Home Challenge

If you are not up for a challenge.....that's great when you need a laugh. Barry and I had a blast making this video ! It only took us 7 or so takes....Yes Hollywood is already calling us! LOL LOL LOL ! Enjoy - Peace & Love

Coach Rhoades

At Home PE Video C& B

Plank Tic Tac Toe Challenge - Barry/Duke points = 7 Coach Rhoades/Carolina points= 7

The Current Challenge is a tie !!!!

Go Heels !

Friends - It is always good to have friends!

The great thing about our animal friends...they don't ask why they just take day by day and live for the moment. Happy Spring Break all our Mulberry Friends ! Take care stay safe and live for the moment!
Unlikely Animal Friends! 'Friends Furever' Commercial - Google Android

PE @ Home May 26th - 29th

Your assignment is.......wait for it !!!

Rest Relax and have some Fun!

Thank you for staying active and for turning in your PE journals and for all the neat and creative ways you are staying active! Sorry we could not get all of the pictures on here !

We have loved and enjoyed them all!

The link below is the electronic version of what was sent home in the paper packet on May 22nd

Bye For Now - See you in August.....peace & love Coach Rhoades