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11/15/2020 - Hybrid Schedule Continues

Hello Families! We are beginning our second week of the hybrid schedule. Thank you for being patient with us through all of the transitions including teachers juggling both in-person and online scholars, transportation, as well as the after-school program. We are continuing to monitor attendance. Letters are being sent out for those whose scholar has missed several hours. Please know that if your scholar doesn't make it to the school, they are still able to access online classes that same day. If your scholar doesn't make it to the ZOOM sessions they need to be turning in assignments. The reality is, work will become more difficult to complete if they are not joining the teachers in order to pick up the lesson. If you have any questions or need to make any changes for your scholar, please call the school. 614-338-0767

Please remember: If at any point Governor DeWine changes our alert level to Purple/Level4 we will be returning to VIRTUAL ONLY classes. If that is the case then we will return to our WEEK A and WEEK B schedule at that time.

Please read the following:

THIS WEEK: Scholars should follow their HYBRID schedule. Schedules were sent to them in October and again on Friday November 6th. HYBRID SCHEDULE ONLY

Reminder: Hybrid students, please bring your computer and charger as well as headphones.

ATTENDANCE MATTERS: This season has been tough and we know it's important to be in communication with our parents. Please let us know if there is any reason your child is missing class, the same as if they didn't come to the school building. We are reaching out to make sure you are aware when your child doesn't attend. We know several of you are working and this can assist you. This is true team work! We appreciate you greatly!

KICKBOARD - This is a new program we are beginning to use this week in order to encourage positive behaviors and responses in your scholar as we continue through this school year. More details and information as below.


After-School Program: VIRTUAL OPTION! Please register here: http://bit.ly/AplusPLAreadingsignup Parents, this program is not the same as last year. Your scholars will be able to receive intensive Reading remediation as well as supports in Math. Please note, this is not a program simply to complete homework. The focus will be working on skills that will benefit them across all content areas and allow homework to be completed in a more efficient manner, independently.

Transportation: ALL 7th grade parents and any 8th grade parents new to A+, it is a must that you complete the transportation application. https://www.ccsoh.us/Page/4818 This will increase the chance that transportation will be provided in a timely manner, when we begin a hybrid schedule

Water Bottle Donations: Due to COVID we are not allowed to use water fountains, when students return. It would help us tremendously if any families are able to donate packs of water bottles. Thank you, in advance, for your support!

Help Desk: PLA has a help desk to help meet your technology needs. Please see the link below.

Calendar: Attached you will find the school calendar. We will be sure to communicate other important dates weekly

District Hybrid Letter

Celebrate 1st Quarter Principal's Club, Super Honor Roll and Honor Roll Scholars CONGRATULATIONS!!!

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Please click on the link below and complete the online form for transportation

After School Program

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Please Watch for Support with Google Classroom!

How to Use Google Classroom (For Parents and Students of A+)

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