Run! Man Run!

Running! (sence: 1000 BC)

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Running! The Best Sport since 1000 BC!

The first official running competitions we know about were 3000 years ago, at the first thousand BC. at greece olympia. ever since then people knew that running is the best sport because:

It helps the heart and the lungs so you live longer!

It helps you keep fit

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MARATHON TEL AVIV 2013 מרתון תל אביב

Some more interesting information about running

When you run, your body release a material to your brain that let it be more focused and think better. The reason for that belong to the old days when people were still living in caves.So lets say you are there, in the jungle, and you are running from a tiger. Without this material, the adrenalin wasn't letting you to think in sense and you were very fast lost i the jungle far from your cave, or camp, or tribe and you were getting tired and soon the tiger was getting you. but because of this material you think in sense and running to your camp where fire and help may be reached and you were trying to make the tiger lose you in the forest. much better acting. so remember running is a life saver.