By: Mahek Badiesha

Background info...

New ways of communication is changing and will continue to change. Email, texting, Facebook, and Twitter are just some ways to communicate with friends or family. Or even stars. Also, communication has been developing since 30,000 BC, the ice-age era. The people back then would make marks with bones or stones to keep track of time.

When was communication invented?

Communication was "invented" all the way back in 30,000 BC. Back then the people used to talk(speech) a lot more then we do today! They also used to use cave paintings around that same time. They used cave paintings to tell stories, battles, hunts, and the culture.

For example, the picture below is showing a battle!

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Next time communication was revised...

Well through the years communication has become easier and better!

In 30,000 BC- Actual speaking communication began and cave drawings began

In 150 BC- Smoke signals were another way to send messages to people that weren't close enough to them to hear them!

In 1440- The Gutenberg Printing Press (Johannes Gutenberg) made a revolution in printing.

Few years later:

In 1867- The Typewriter (Christopher Latham Sholes) was invented! The Typewriter was similar to the Printing Press but it had a keyboard.

1869- The Internet (Robert E. Kahn) was actually made for a military project.

In 1876- The telephone (Alexander Graham Bell) is made it easier to communicate, through electronically.

In 2002- Social Networking was dedicated websites that were made to interact with others around the world.


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