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Regina Hartley Why the best hire might not have the perfect resume


Regina Hartley: Why the best hire might not have the perfect resume

The main idea of the talk is that although a person might have a “perfect” resume they are not right for the job. Regina talks about two kinds of people the silverspoons and the scrappers. The silverspoon has been a straight A student, went to a great college and has good recommendations while the scrapper struggled with his education, job hopped and maybe went soul searching in India for a year. She talks about how the scrapper although on paper doesn’t look as good at first sight you should at the very least interview him because his life experience, he fought against great odds to get to the point he is at today.


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Dear Tourists, BRING MORE CASH!

Icelandic turned English

Skila sér í litl­um mæli í miðborg­ina

Farþegar sem koma til Reykja­vík­ur með skemmti­ferðaskip­um skila sér í mjög litl­um mæli í versl­an­ir í miðborg­inni þó reynt hafi verið að lengja af­greiðslu­tíma þegar von er á mörg­um farþegum til borg­ar­inn­ar.

Í stað þess að versla í miðbæn­um halda farþegar í skipu­lagðar rútu­ferðir eða afþrey­inga­ferðir út fyr­ir Reykja­vík. Þetta er meðal þess sem kem­ur fram í skýrslu þar sem greind er staða og þróun versl­un­ar og þjón­ustu Reykja­vík, en það var Rann­sókna­set­ur versl­un­ar­inn­ar sem skrifaði skýrsl­una að beiðni Reykja­vík­ur­borg­ar.

Fara helst í skoðun­ar­ferðir út fyr­ir Reykja­vík

Í skýrsl­unni er vitnað til þess að rekstr­araðilar í miðborg­inni, sem selji varn­ing ætluðum er­lend­um ferðamönn­um, segi farþega skemmti­ferðaskipa mjög lítið skila sér í miðbæ­inn. „Svo virt­ist sem flest­ir færu í rút­um í skipu­leg­ar skoðun­ar­ferðir út fyr­ir höfuðborg­ar­svæðið. Sem dæmi var nefnt að reynt hefði verið að breyta af­greiðslu­tíma versl­ana þegar von væri á fjöl­menn­um hóp­um úr skemmti­ferðaskip­um, en ár­ang­ur­inn væri ekki telj­andi,“ seg­ir í skýrsl­unni.

Um 105 þúsund manns komu til Reykja­vík­ur með skemmti­ferðaskip­um árið 2014 með 92 skip­um. Var það aukn­ing um 14% milli ára. Um­sjón­araðilar með mót­töku þess­ara ferðamanna staðfestu einnig að flest­ir farþeg­anna velji rútu­ferðir á vin­sæla ferðamannastaði fyr­ir utan Reykja­vík.

Sam­ræmt átak til að beina farþegum í miðbæ­inn

Farið er yfir til­raun­ir Kringl­unn­ar við að bjóða ferðamönn­um upp á frí­ar reglu­bundn­ar stræt­is­vagna­ferðir úr miðborg­inni í Kringl­una. Það hafi í fyrstu ekki skilað mikl­um ár­angri, en sum­arið 2015 hafi stoppu­stöðvum verið breytt og upp­lýs­ing­ar og markaðsstarf aukið sem hafi skilað sér í 5.500 farþegum milli maí og ág­úst. Það er 52% aukn­ing frá ár­inu áður.

Segja skýrslu­höf­und­ar það æski­legt að koma á sam­ræmdu átaki við að beina farþegum skemmti­ferðaskipa í versl­an­ir borg­ar­inn­ar til að auka versl­un þeirra í miðbæn­um.


Returning in small amounts to the center of the city

Very little amount of passengers arriving to Reykjvík via cruise ships are going to the stores in the center of the city though they have changed their opening hours when they expect that many passengers are arriving to the city.

Instead of going shopping in the center of Reykjavík the passengers have organized bus trips or entertainment tours out of Reykjvík. This is among the material that comes forward in a report where the position and development of trade and services in Reykjavík, but it was the Researching center of trading that wrote the report due to a request from The City of Reykjavík.

Excursions out side of Reykjavík preferred

In the report it is noted that managers in the center of the city, that sell products intended tourists, say that only a small portion of the passengers via the cruise ships are delivering in the city center. “It looks like most of the passengers are taking busses on organized excursions out side of the capital area. For an example it was mentioned that changes in the opening hours of the shops were modified when large groups were expected from cruise ship, without achieving anything countable.” Says in the report.

About 105 thousand people came to Reykjavík via cruise ships in the year 2014 with 92 ships. That was an increase about 14% from the year before. Supervisors of the reception of these tourists also confirmed that most of the passengers choose bus rides to popular tourist locations out side of Reykjavík.

United effort to guide passengers to the city center.

Inspecting the results of Kringlan’s attempts to offering tourists free periodic bus rides from the city center to the Kringlan. At first it did not show a lot of success, however in the summer of 2015 the bus stops were rearranged and information and marketing boosted the resulted in 5.500 passengers between May and August. That is a 52% increase from the previous year.

The authors of the report state that it is desirable to make a united effort to guide passengers of the cruise ships to the stores of the city to increase their shopping in the city center.

Why I chose this text.

The text was very interesting because it was about how tourists are not coming to the stores that are made for them in the center of Reykjavík. I find the article really funny because it shows just how absurd it is to transform the cities center to a one big tourist shop. The tourists are not coming here to shop in little shops in downtown Reykjavík. They are here to experience the nature, see the northern lights and getting to know our culture. Tourists don’t need a shop on every corner in downtown Reykjavík to buy postcards, they can probably do that when they arrive at Geysir or visit the Blue Lagon. Why haven’t store owners realized this? To translate this text I mostly just wrote it straight down although the article is a pretty bad piece of journalism I made it work. Word helped me with some of the spellings and occasionally I had to Google a word or two.

Link to the article:



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red stands for those who don't eat hamburgers and the blue for those who do

Interview: Iða Marsibil

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This person is one of most successful in the town that I come from, Bíldudalur. She is the Manager in the biggest company in that area and the largest employer of Bíldudalur. Since the company started the population has doubled, the society is blooming and I wanted to know more about one of the leading persons in the community. It is a great example of the opportunities we can find in small towns around Iceland.

Name: Iða Marsibil Jónsdóttir

Age: 38

Education: BSc degree in business

Job: Manager at Arnarlax hf

As a kid, what did you want to do when you grew up and why?

I wanted to work at a bank or something like that, I guess it´s because my mother used to work at a bank and I used to visit her a lot at work. Felt excited about everything they were doing there.

Where did you study and why did you study there?

I studied at Bifröst University. Since I was a single mom with two kids when studying, I chose to do so outside of Reykjavík. Bifröst has a campus and that suited us well.

What did you do after your graduation?

I started working at Íslandsbanki.

What does the business that you work for now do?

Arnarlax is in the Salmon aquaculture, which is the industrial production of salmon from egg to market in net-cages at sea.

What are your responsibilities at Arnarlax?

I take care of financial related issues, Human Resources and other administrative related assignments.

Have you learned anything new since you graduated?

Yes, learning something new almost every day.

What advice would you give a young person studying anything business related?

It´s better to grow slowly but surely, than too fast. Be patient and learn from everything you do, both good moves and mistakes.

What is the most common mistake made in your field of work?

Lack of reporting and too little communication is something that can cause serious problems.

What do you eat for breakfast?

I drink coffee.

What is your favorite thing about your job?

The fact that I´m constantly learning something new. My responsibilities at work are related to the cash flow of the company. Since the company is young and we are still growing our first generation of Salmon, we have not yet had any income and our cash flow is based on a revolver loan from our bank. It has been a very challenging project and feels good when it´s working out well. We will have our first income in the beginning of next year (2016) and we are all very excited to see how it will turn out and the looks are promising.


The Deadly Genius of Drug Cartels | Rodrigo Canales | TED Talks


Rodrigo Canales: The deadly genius of drug cartels.

Rodrigo takes us into the world of drug cartels. He shows us how they operate and why. His talk should make you think about what the real problem is. Is it the drug traffickers in Mexico or the rules in the USA? He also shows us how smart the drug cartels really are and how they influence their communities. That they are very organized and are in fact large enterprises.


Best Vines all time short compilation! 2013


English turned Icelandic

IBM Is Beginning to Work Through Heavy Resistance

IBM has rebounded nicely off last week's low. The stock's steep slide off the early November high, which dropped shares to fresh 2015 lows, bottomed just above $132 on Friday, Nov. 13. The following Monday, IBM began a steady rebound that by the end of the week had carried shares past the October lows. For frustrated bulls, last week's rally should come as quite a relief. The basing action continues to improve this week.

During the initial stage of the early November selloff, IBM was hit with a fairly heavy selling wave. The volume surge on Nov. 9 drove the stock below the October low and into fresh 52-week-low territory. After a one-day pause, IBM began to fall again but with far less momentum. The stock was beginning to show signs of downside exhaustion just as a divergent moving average convergence/divergence was taking shape. The rebound that followed now appears to have left behind a significant bottom neat last week's low. IBM has more work to do, but the picture is turning much more positive in the near term.

IBM investors should consider the $135-to-$137.50 area as a low-risk buy zone. If the rally that began last week is to remain intact, the stock should hold in this area. The key over the next few sessions will be a move past the $141 level. Once past this heavy resistance, which includes the August low, the stock will have cleared a big hurdle.

On the downside, a close back below $134 will send a clear warning sign that more basing will be needed before a significant recovery can take hold.

IBM byrjað að vinna gegn þungu mótstreymi.

IBM hefur hrokkið vel til baka eftir lægð síðust viku. Slæmt fall hlutabréfanna eftir sterka byrjun nóvembers, þar sem hlutirnir féllu til nýrra lægða fyrir árið 2015, botnuðu rétt fyrir ofan 132$ föstudaginn 13. Nóv. Næstkomandi mánudag byrjaði IBM stöðulega að skoppa til baka og í enda vikunnar höfðu hlutirnir verið komnir yfir lægðir október mánaðar. Fyrir brjáluð naut ætti endurkoma síðustu viku að koma til með að létta undir þeim. Hlutirnir halda áfram að styrkjast í þessari viku.

Á upphafsstigum sölu hlutabréfanna snemma í nóvember, Skall á IBM nokkuð þung sölu alda. Stóra bylgjan 9. Nóvember rak hlutina lægra heldur en lægst var í október og alla leið í grennd við nýtt svæði lægðarsvæði á síðustu 52 vikunum. Eftir eins dags hlé byrjaði IBM að falla aftur en með mun minni meðbyr í þetta skipti. Hlutirnir voru byrjaðir að sýna merki um að botninum hefði verið náð þegar að margbreytileg meðal samleitni/frávik voru að myndast. Endurkastið sem fylgdi nú virðist hafa skilið snyrtilega eftir mikilvægan botn lægðar síðustu viku. Það er meiri vinna fyrir höndum hjá IBM, en það virðist sem að hlutirnir séu að breytast á mun jákvæðari hátt í nánustu framtíð.

Fjárfestar í IBM ættu að íhuga svæðið $135-$137.50 sem lágmarks áhættu kaup svæði. Ef endurkoman sem byrjaði í síðustu viku heldur sínum gangi, hluturinir ættu að haldast á þessu svæði. Lykillinn á næstu tímabilum mun vera að komast yfir $141 stigið. Þegar að þessi þunga fyrirstaða, sem inniheldur lægð ágúst mánaðar, munu hlutirnir hafa ruðst í gegnum stóra hindrun.

Þegar á óskostina er litið ef að glugginn lokar fyrir neðan $134 mun það senda skír viðvörunarmerki að það þurfi að byggja meiri undirstöðu til þess að mikilvæg endurbygging geti átt sér stað.

Why I chose this text.

I wanted to translate something challenging, get to know some words I hadn’t seen before and found this article about how the stocks in IBM are changing. The article seems to me like it was written in a hurry, right before some deadline. Good read about the field I am very interesting about pursuing. This text was pretty hard to translate I had to ask some friends about some of the words because I couldn’t understand the meaning of them in that particular sentence.

Link to the article:


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Bill Gross: The single biggest reason why startups succeed


Bill Gross: The single biggest reason why startups succeed

In this talk Bill shows us the research he did on why some startups succeed and some don’t. He shared his thoughts about the 5 elements he thought made startups successful. These 5 elements are: Ideas, Team, Business Model, Funding and Timing. After he showed various businesses that he had researched with these 5 elements in mind he came to a conclusion that the most important one of these 5 is Timing.

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