Canada in 2060

What does our future look like?

What do you think will happen?

2060 is a long time from now but what if we guessed, predict and think about what it would be like in the year of 2060? Will it be over populated? Less populated? Maybe there'll be more girls than boys! On this website, we will use our knowledge to predict the future. Let's find out.

My Prediction:

In the year of 2060, I believe that the population will go down a few. According to the Canada transition model, Canada is in stage 3. I believe that in the year of 2060, it will be around Stage 4. Here are some reasons why...

Stage 4

Immigration- First Topic (1)

Right now, many countries from different parts of the world come and immigrate to Canada. Canada is a diverse and multicultural country with lots of freedom and rights. Canada will soon become even more recognized to everyone in the year of 2060 but will more people immigrate to Canada or less people? Although Canada is well known, more people immigrating may not be the case.

What do we know now?- Immigration

By looking back at what we learned, the top countries that immigrated to Canada the most is the Philippines , India and China. These countries immigrate to Canada most likely because of more job opportunities, less natural disasters and wanting more rights. For example, in China they have a strict ONE child policy meaning that you can only have one child. Unfortunately, if you have more than one child in the household of the family, the government will charge the family with lots of money, in this case lots of renminbi (China's currency). Also, right now there are about 250 000 NEW immigrants per year.

Using our Knowledge to Predict! - Immigration

We know that China, India and the Philippines are the countries that immigrate most to Canada. As we move on into the future, that will probably continue as a trend but probably less toned down. Many people have predicted that by the year of 2060, the world will get more wealthy. For example, from a so called "Shoe" group to a "Bicycle" group (getting

more advance) or a "Car" group to an "Airplane" group. Since we know that the world will advance more, there'll probably be less economical immigrants because their country has probably improved a lot more making them not have to move to another country. Since I know that there is about 250 000 NEW immigrants each year at the moment, in the future I will predict that only 100 000 NEW immigrants will come to Canada depending if the country is still developing.

Immigration Key Notes

  • Immigration does cost a lot of money, but in the future since most of the countries are already getting so advanced, they won't need to immigrate to Canada so money won't be that big of an issue.
  • There will be less business and economic immigrants because by the year of 2060, countries will have a lot more opportunities for them since the population is going to decrease.

Stage 4 - Continue

Demography- Second Topic (2)

What is demography? Demography is the study of the human population and how it works. As we move on into the future, I said that there will be less immigrants but let's talk about the death rates, birth rates, immigration/emigration rate and more. The future is ahead of us and we'll be seeing it in no time. People in Canada will start to understand the science of the population rate and soon realize that having less children may lead to better results for them and the future. In this section, we will be using population pyramids to show a better understanding of the current and the future.

Graph for Birth Rate

Big image
This line graph already shows us that from the beginning, it already starting to decrease from around 1958. This is because World War ll lasted from 1939-1945. After the war, a huge baby boom lasted from around 1955-1958. Now, every 10 years the population of children is decreasing. What does this mean for us then in 2060? By the year of 2060, we already predicted that the whole world will develop in wealthiness. This is showing us that...
  • We would rather have less children (maybe around 2 or 1) so that they can have the same and equal amount of resources and supplies making them happy and healthy.
  • Less children means saving more resources slower so that the next generation can use about the same amount as the generation before them. Helping the economy!
  • There will be more adults and seniors because less children are being made meaning that adults will start to be the section where it's the most populated.
  • The dependency load will increase because there will be more seniors than children.

Population Pyramid of Canada - 2014

Big image

What does it look like now? (The Current)

In this Population Pyramid, Canada is already starting to be in contact with the future! We predicted that there will be more adults and seniors than children already and this is true! In the year of 2014, you can see the ages from 45-65 have a lot more than the children from ages 0-19. Canada is already in Stage 3 which is pretty similar to Stage 4 but soon it will become PURELY Stage 4. If we were to talk about Stage 5, I will highly doubt that we will enter Stage 5 anytime soon because of such high requirements for us.
  • There are still more immigrants to Canada in the current time but will soon decrease in the next 45 years.
  • The current is very familiar with the future that we predict in population size.
  • Adults are more dominant now and will still be dominant by the year of 2060.
  • Although adults will always be dominant, seniors are still second and not third to children. Children will most likely be third on the list of Adults, Seniors and Children.

Population Pyramid of Canada - 2050

Big image

What does it look like now? (The Future)

By the year of 2050/2060, we see that there isn't much of a difference between this Population Pyramid of 2014 and 2050. This shows that the current is already starting to make an appearance into the future, The only difference between these 2 pyramids is that there are A LOT more seniors than before. The seniors from ages 75 and above are a lot more populated than the one in 2014. Babies from ages 0-4 are extremely low now because of the wealthiness that Canada wants to hold.
  • Since there are more seniors in the future and seniors don't buy much stuff, the people can keep their wealthiness and pass it on to the next generation of their family members.
  • Less children means less money to spend meaning that parents would rather have only 2 kids at max.
  • Seniors and Adults out populated children

Birth Rate and Death Rate

What will the birth rate and death rate look like in the year of 2060? Like we already predicted, we hope that Canada will be in Stage 4 by the time we reach the time of 2060. However, that stages mostly tell us the birth and death rate so if we predict Stage 4, what will the birth and death rate be?

Stage 3:

  • Birth rate slowly lowers and decreases.
  • Death rate continues to keep decreasing as well.
  • No need for larger families.
  • More knowledge, resources which means less death!
  • NIR decreases

Stage 4 - Comparing

  • Birth rate is still low
  • NIR lowers (Different)
  • Death rate is still the same as Stage 3
  • Low growth rate
  • Reliable food supply
  • Later marriages ( A bit different)
  • No need for excess reproduction

Stage 4 - Finale

First Nations - Third Topic (3)

Over the past years, we have all learned about the First Nations at some point in our lives. What we know is that Aboriginals are not treated as equals. They're being treated as worthless people but they do not attend to let them treat them like that without a fight. Behind all this, there's a story. A big story. We will learn more about the Indian act and what the famous Wab Kinew said about these rights. Let's go!

The Indian Act

The Current of the FNMI - 2015

The main problem known to date about the Aboriginal people is the land that they own and how much of it they can own. Rights are also extremely important for Aboriginals but unfortunately others don't it that way. Many Aboriginals currently live in Ontario meaning that we aren't giving them as much land as they need. They are still not getting enough. The main part about the land for these Aboriginal people lies in the Indian Act.
Big image
The Indian act is mostly about the local Government and how they collaborated about the Aboriginals land. The land is the TITLE of the First Nations and it's extremely important to all of them. Unfortunately, some people treated them as if they were nothing. But not all people treated them as a nothing.

Later on:

In the early 1980's people in Canada started to prepare and create "Charter of Rights and Freedoms" who would help the First Nations people. Many Aboriginals participated and even the UNION OF BC INDIAN CHIEFS (UBCIC) participated as well. Many struggles have been made with lots of protesting but in 1982, Aboriginals finally had rights!

The Future of the FNMI - 2060

Although Aboriginals have had many struggles in Canada, we already know that their struggles are starting to fade away. With more rights coming by their side and more freedom, Aboriginals are going to be a well developed group of people. But hold on... it's 2060 now! We've advanced so much so why would we still want people living is such traditional conditions?

  • People from 2010 and lower have already started to adapt to the city world.
  • Many Aboriginals in Ottawa are living in the city but still some remain in the traditional spirit.
  • Predictions from me think that there will be a lot more land for them but no use it as often.

This means that there will be still be Aboriginal people but not as traditional as it was back then.

Video on My Point of View

Population pyramids: Powerful predictors of the future - Kim Preshoff
This video talks about most of the countries which is great but the main country is Canada! From 1:50 to 2:08, it's telling us that we are know starting to have more adults and seniors than children. Although they said the population will grow more slowly, I do disagree but they still do an animation where the senior population will get higher. Also from 3:12 to 3:23, they talk about Canada's Population Pyramid as well because Canada is already a developed country. They said that the population will mostly stay the same or even decline! This means that we are almost certain that there will be more elders than juniors.

My Parents life from My Life!


Canada in 2060 by user989390303


In conclusion, I believe that the population will decrease in general. There will be more adults and seniors than children and more Aboriginal rights but also, more Aboriginals living in the city. 2060 may seem like it's going to be a long time but trust me, we'll be in 2060 in no time at all! Let's hope our predictions are correct and make sure that we have a bright future ahead of us!