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Money making methods with ClickBank and CJ affiliates

your future customers while selling some products at the same time with one or two separate advertising campaigns as well.

How will you use the SupportingAds system to advertise is completely up to you, the truth is, it can be used either way to build up customers e-mail lists and to sell products directly.

One other thing that brings ppccjclickbank affiliate SupportingAds.com to the spotlight is the opportunity to advertise affiliate links directly – what this means is that you can simply add sales links to your ads. Although this doesn't guarantee sales it can be a good way to earn some money in a short run, creating one or two advertising campaigns to harvest e-mails and build a list of

SupportingAds has more than just one advantage over other advertising networks, but the one which is especially attractive is really cheap price of clicks. This advertising system isn't based on keywords, meaning there is no competition in this field. Also you won't be targeting specific groups of people so there is no specific gender, age or interest groups competition as well. What you'll be targeting is publisher websites which have specific type of followers and visitors – this is done in process of setting up your advertising campaign.

SupportingAds is an advertising network that uses PPC system, traffic generated towards your squeeze page is highly selective thanks to visitors from their publisher websites – those display ads you create in form of banners. The whole system is built on the base of visitors publishers have and are redirecting them from banners they're displaying while you're paying for the clicks you get. This way you can attract specific traffic you need for e-mail lists (and sales later on) while keeping the costs of advertising low – in other words you can create cost effective advertising campaigns.

There is money to be made in affiliate marketing and everyone knows it. What is still certainly unknown is how to maximize your earnings, since each affiliate marketer has its own method and is keeping it to himself. What is also known is that the key to making sales is creating mailing lists with your potential clients, once this is done selling products through affiliate links becomes much easier. ClickBank and Commission Junction (CJ) are great places to find many products to sell – all that's left is to create e-mail list and one way to accomplish this easier can be SupportingAds.com.

Setting up advertising campaigns with SupportingAds entangles creating banners for publishing websites to display. You'll need a picture of product you're promoting (those are provided by ClickBanks or CJ sellers same as affiliate links), you'll have to select a category for product and create some text for your ad. Pay attention to the text you're adding since it's going to be analyzed and contextually matched to the content of the publisher websites – this way ensuring the best audience for you. Once you add some funds and a link to your squeeze page, you can start advertising throughout the SupportingAds publishers’ network.

In order to build your email list, you'll need to have a squeeze page where you'll be offering something for free. You can find a lot of free stuff such as e-books with almost all ClickBank and CJ sellers – affiliates marketing advertising those are to be sent to any of your page visitors who leave you their email. Now the only thing left to do is find some traffic you need, and this is where SupportingAds come in – getting traffic on your own isn't as easy as you may think and it's usually done by advertising – when building email lists PPC (Pay Per Click) method works very well.