The 3 Philosophies

By Brian Ngo

Confucianism,Daoism, and Legalism

The first Philosophies in Ancient China was called Confucianism was made by a man named Confucius. Confucius thought that their was to much blood and war in this world and so he made up a belief called Confucianism. This belief was to have peace in the world. The next Philosophy was called Daoism. Daoism was about being able to have a good lie just like Confucianism. The people who believed in Daoism would think that good spiritual force would guide them to a happier life and a better life. Daoism had some similarities to Confucianism but there was also some differences like Confucianism thought that you had to work hard to have a better life but Daoism they thought that you just have to love nature and love the world to become better. The final and the third philosophy in ancient China was legalism. A man named Hanfeizi invented this he thought that humans were naturally evil and so then he thought the only way to turn humans good was to punish them severely even for the most smallest crimes.