The fight of the Jews survival

Camp Life

The camp changed their lives as a person because now they won't take things for granted and they will not only think about themselves but others as well. Their bodies became weak and hurt. They learned to fight their loved ones to protect themselves and survive each day. As they became older they were grateful for the things they had and they valued the small things such as food, shelter and family.
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Beliefs and Values

The novel reveals that as humans we take life for granted. We are not always thankful for the things we have and tend to want more. The novel reminds us that we have been given opportunities that would should be thankful for and we should value life and the basics such as food and shelter more than extra items. Humans have become selfish and greedy. It is important to pay attention to each other and respect everyone's beliefs and values in order to prevent future harmful events which take away our rights as a human.