The Voyager Mission

by: Nathan Nguyen


For the space project the topic I am doing is the Voyager mission. What happened in this mission is NASA sent 2 satellites in to space named voyager 1 and 2 to look at other planets outside our solar system

The reason for the mission

What NASA wanted to do was to send 2 satellites into space to search for neighboring planets. Also to go beyond the heliosphere (which is like a bubble around the solar system) to explore interstellar space.
NASA's Ed Stone discusses Voyager mission

What the satellites need to opperate

Both Voyagers use a three-axis stabilizer system that maintains the antenna point towards Earth to keep communication. A master control computer that provides sequencing and functions, and they all power on 3 Radioisotope Thermoelectric Generators.

Where the Voyagers are today!

Right now Voyager 1 is over 18 billion km away from earth and goes 1 km per second which is about 11 billion miles away from earth and goes .6 miles every second.

As Voyager 2 which is about 15 billion km away from earth and goes about 9 billion miles away from Earth. But they still go the same km per second.

Other videos about the Voyager mission.

Voyager Interstellar Mission: "Voyager 35 Years Later" 2012 NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
NASAs Voyager 1 - encounter's a rapid rise in charged particles.

The Golden Record

Both Voyager 1 and 2 have something that is called the Golden Record. This Golden Record contains sounds, pictures, detailing location of Earth, it also contains a time capsule containing other things about he Earth. All this information is for any civilizations, aliens, and far-future humans.
Voyager's Golden Record