HELP SAVE PHASMIDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We need you to help us save phasmids

Why we should help phasmids?

We should save phasmids because they are just like us. They may be very tiny but they need to be looked after just like us. The problem with phasmids is that there are not much of them left. We need to help them...there are things that harm them. For example people cutting down trees, people destroying ant nest and squashing lots of ants so they die but we want them to live.

How we can help save phasmids!

We can help save phasmids by not cutting down trees and stop squashing ants nests and ants them selfs. Please do not do any of these three things at all and that will helps us a lot to help save phasmids.

THREAT to PHASMIDS- Cutting down Trees

Cutting down trees is terrible for phasmid survival because trees are there were they live. They look like a leaf and trees have lots and lots of leafs and look dead leafs. Cutting down trees can hurt or kill many ants around any tree getting cut down. If there are no trees phasmids can not camaflag to hid away from threts to them.


Phasmids they have spikes to look like leaves and they will drop down to the ground pretending to be a dead leaf so predators don't get eaten. Phasmids eat gum leaves so this makes them a herbivore. They prefer to live in warm temperatures.