What's Kickin' in Kindergarten

December 7-11

Unit 4-Exploring Families and Traditions

In this new unit, Exploring Families and Traditions, students will learn and understand main ideas and key details in text.

We will also be focusing on the differences between non fiction and fiction text.

Through Narrative writing, students will write about an event in their lives. We are still working on finger spaces between each word and a capital letter at the beginning of each sentence. Don't forget the period!! :)

Building on basic retelling of a familiar story, this unit focuses on introducing the differences between literary and informational texts (though not necessarily by name). Students explore characters, setting, and events in both literary and informational texts by asking questions about unknown words, characters, settings, and events. Students extend their skills of comparing and contrasting. Students learn to ask questions when they lose their way in following the story. Celebrations from students’ own heritage will be encouraged as part of the information gathering.


This week in Phonics...

Students will work on building CVC (consonant-Vowel-Consonant) words with the short a, i, o sounds (mat, cat, lap, fit, pin, mop, cot, hot)

Sight Words-Please make sure that you are completing the Fluency Folder every night and reviewing all 1st Quarter Sight Words as well as previous 2nd Quarter Sight Words.

Week 1: do, he, she

Week 2: be, play, said

Week 3: are, here, was

Week 4: on, did, get

Vocabulary Words for Unit 4:

relative-a member of your family

holiday-special day of celebration

Reading Strategy: Students learn different strategies to help with reading:

Eagle Eye-look at the picture to help decode tricky words

Lips the Fish-get your mouth ready to sound out words

Stretchy Snake- Stretch the words out to make it easier to sound out

Chunky Monkey-Look for word chunks to make sounding words out easier

Skippy Frog-skip a tricky word and come back to it

This week's strategy is Tryin' Lion-

We will continue to focus on this strategy while using it together with the other ones. Students will try to reread the sentence . Try a word that makes sense.

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Flipped Video

Here is video on the sight word 'are'

Your child has either already highlighted this word in their book or is coming home with a book that still needs to be highlighted :)


Math Topic 7-Understanding Addition

In Topic 7, students will learn to join two groups and be able to tell how many there are altogether. Students will also learn how to use the plus sign and the equal sign and learn about addition sentences.

Specials Schedule for Week of December 7th

Monday-B Day

Tuesday-C Day

Wednesday-A Day

Thursday-B Day

Friday-C day

Star Student

Mrs. Bee - Will C.

Mrs. Hayes - Anna H.

Mrs. Olivares - Naveigh B.

Mrs. Stephens - Alison W.

Mrs. Shierholz - Caellum M.

Ms. Swalley - Joe B.

Mrs. Trask - Camdyn F.

Mrs. Versemann - Maverick C.

Ms. Garner - Tori D.

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Upcoming Dates

December 22-Early Release Day (12:20 Dismissal)

December 23-January 5: Winter Break- NO SCHOOL

January 6- School Resumes

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A Message to Parent Drop Off/Pick Up

Dr. Sharp has requested that we ask all Parent drop off and pick up parents to pull all the way forward when dropping off in the morning and picking up in the afternoon. This will help greatly with congestion. Thank you so much!!!