Food Festival

Eat and enjoy food festival headquarters Judah

Why must reach?

The festival offers four weekends of festivities in various locations in the center of

which rural seasonal food, an expression of various household kitchens reveal ethnic

culinary traditions. Local artists will attend the event, brewers, confectioners, dairies and wineries, and during the tours will be free, fair hosts artists to display works of art and ornaments, live music and cooking classes

rural Food Festival headquarters judah.

Friday, April 1st 2016 at 11:30am

This is an online event.

For more information call the number -0526734197
Or Sign Yehuda.IL .


11:30-13:00- Lecture on healthy diet

13:00-15:00-Culinary Workshop

15:00-17:00-Pause (you can stroll among the stalls)

17:00-19:00-Baking workshop

19:00-20:00-Wine tasting

הקלד טקסט או כתובת אתר או תרגם מסמך.


מציג תרגום של הרצאה על תזונה

במקום זאת תרגם מ- הרצאה על תזונה נ

11:40- 13:40-Devote time for breakfast Rural

13:45- 14:45-A lecture on nutrition

14:45- 13:45-Wine tasting

13:50- 15:50-Cooking Workshop

16:00- 18:00-Break (Walk among the food stalls)

18:05- 19:50-Baking workshop