Book Report

By: Miriam Acosta

A Kiss In Time- Alex Flinn

After being cursed into a sleep of 300 years, Talia a spoiled princess has been awakened by the man whome she believes is her true love. After being sheilded from the world she is ready for adventure into the 20th centry. She can only hope to win the love of Jack the one who kissed her. Will she be found by the evil witch that did this to her? Will she ever find true love? One can only hope.


“This is where he should say that he is in love with me, that I have changed his life and that he loves me for it. But he doesn't. Is it because he is shy? Or because he is too young to say such a thing? Or is it merely because he does not love me? The worst of it is, I am falling in love with him.” ― Alex Flinn, A Kiss in Time

Why Read It?

Its a great comedy, love story, keeps you on your toes most of the time. I know that there are times when books get borring after a while but this one constantly has drama and action. I enjoyed it and I plan to read more of her books. So far the ones I have read were fantastic, including this one. I think it was a creative idea for the Author to choose this story line, I have never read something like this and I'm glad I did.

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