F. Scott Fitzgerald

An American Author of the 1920's


Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald was born on September 24, 1896 in Saint Paul Minnesota. He is one of the major writers of the 1920's. Not only was Fitzgerald an author but he was a poet too. When he was 13 he had his first piece of writing published in the school newpaper at st. Paul Academy. After going to Newman School in New Jersey he decided to stay there and go to Princeton University one of the most intelligent schools there is. One fact most people don't know about Fitzgerald is that he tried out for their football team but got cut off the team after the first practice. In 1917, he dropped out of college to join the U.S. Army; he was worried that he would die in WWI and end up puting all of his writing skills to waste. He quickly wrote a book called, The Romantic Egotist. Although, the book wasn't published, the company told him that he should keep writing in the future because he had a great skill. After having great novels and poems published and even made into movies, he ended dying as a result of a heart attack from appently being an alchoholic all of his life.
Video SparkNotes: F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby summary


This video is a short summary on the book and movie, The Great Gatsby. This is one of his most famous novels, still being remembered today. I put this video here because not only was this novel one of Fitzgerald's best work but, it was one of his last works as his life began to unravel after this masterpiece was wrote.

Don Delillo

F. Scott Fitzgerald travelled a lot and was inspired to write different novels about where he was. Don Delillo was a traveler and a novelist too and, just like Fitzgerald, he knew early in his life that he liked writing novels. Scott Fitzgerald died when Don Delillo was 4 years old. both of these men grew up in major cities, Fitzgeral growing up in the capital of Minnesoda and Don Delillo growing up in the Bronx.

Impact on our Culture

F. Scott Fitzgerald wasn't as famous as he became until after he died when his work really was seen as an honerary work of the 1920's. With the amount of intelligence that he was given, he made a big impact on our culture. His work inspired others to write how he did. He was able to write in short amounts of time in exhausting situations. His work is still being read and made into movies today in our culture.