to buy 2 or not to buy to

if people are''to fat to fly'' should they buy 2 seats?

yes i do think that people should have to but two seats if they cant fit in only one!!!

the reasons that i think that people should have to buy 2 seats because...
other people might have to stand,people might get uncomfortable and they already make handicapped seats.

people might end up standing!!!!

people might end up standing,if they do the walkways will get blocked,if there is a emergency no one will be able to move past the people in the walkways.

passengers might be uncomfortable!!!!!

if people are uncomfortable they might not fly with the airline, if you think about it that is a lot of unhappy customers due to being squished,so most air lines might go out of buisiness soon if they don't find a way to figure this out!!!

they already make handicapped seats!!!!!

lastly,companies already make handicapped seats so why don't they purchase one?they should ''be nice and pay the price''if they want to fly on airlines!