3 reasons why you must read Nanberry

Why you must read Nanberry

Canoes as tall as eucalyptus trees, white sheets of skins flailing in the wind. Nanberry saw it all, from the moment the first fleet arrived in Sydney Harbour all the way through to living with the British. Nanberry is an interesting book that has you feeling sad, happy and lost.This book from the amazing style of Jackie French is captivating. The characters each play a very important part in the book and the suspense is set out so at the end of each chapter you really want to keep reading. Nanberry is a true story that teaches you a lot about the colony in 1788, Australia.

Author's style and emotions

Jackie French is the author of Nanberry. She has a very interesting style and great way of describing what's happening in the book.Jackie French ties emotion into her fabulous story. Nanberry has lots of emotions from happy to sad and frustrated.

Big picture
The characters all play a very important part, from Surgeon White to Bennelong. Each character is interesting and important to the storyline.
Nanberry teaches you about the colony in 1788 and tells a true story about an Aboriginal boy called Nanberry.
In conclusion, Nanberry is a very exciting book about a boy who grows up in Sydney's penal colony. Jackie French has an amazing style of writing. She ties a lot of emotion into the story. All the characters are interesting and Nanberry teaches you a lot. That's why I think you should definitely read Nanberry.