The Hoof Print (12/10/2018)

Michael R. Null Middle School

Principal Notes

What a great week to be a STALLION!

This will be our last week to prepare our student for their semester exams. Please help us make sure that they get enough rest this week and next week and limit the usage of electronic devices. We will have a writing mock test this Tuesday. Please help us express the importance of this test with our students. It allows us to gauge where they are and what we need to adjust to help them. We use the semester exams in the same way. It is not just another grade. We use those exams to adjust instruction the second semester. Thanks for all that you do as partners in educating our students!

See you around the campus...

Remember, we are the Best school with the Best students and the Best faculty and staff. Good, Better, Best!!! Never let it rest, until your good gets better and your better gets best!


Leroy Bradley II

Every Child - Everyday!

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Stallion Success Tips


Dec 10, 2018


Keep a list of foreign language words your tween is studying on the table during a game of Scrabble. Players try to include those words as they play. If they succeed, let your child say the word and tell what it means (oh, and give the player 10 bonus points!).

Durante un juego de Scrabble, mantenga una lista de palabras extranjeras que su hijo esté estudiando. Los jugadores tratarán de incluir esas palabras mientras juegan. Si lo logran, deje que su hijo diga el significado de la palabra (ah, ¡y el jugador recibe 10 puntos de bono!).


Dec 11, 2018


“Always” and “Never” statements fan the fire of an argument. Statements like “You’re always late” or “You never come home on time” make kids defensive. Stick to the issue and consequences, instead. (“If you can’t obey your curfew, you’ll have to stay home.”)

“Siempre” y “nunca” son palabras que inician una discusión. “Siempre llegas tarde” o “Nunca vienes a casa a tiempo” hacen que los hijos se pongan a la defensiva. Enfóquese en el problema y sus consecuencias. (“Si no puedes obedecer la hora límite, tendrás que quedarte en casa”).


Dec 12, 2018


Teens and tweens often keep bullying a secret out of shame or fear. Help your child open up by periodically chatting about bullying. You might share a news story or a blog post on the topic and ask if your child notices anyone being bullied at school.

Los jóvenes mantienen el acoso en secreto por vergüenza o miedo. Ayude a su hijo a hablar abiertamente platicando con él sobre el acoso. Puede compartir historias de las noticias o de blogs sobre el tema y preguntarle si ha visto si acosan a alguien en la escuela.


Dec 13, 2018


Juggling multiple activities requires good time management skills. Discuss ways your child can stay on track and avoid distractions. Good starts include turning off the TV and phone during homework and using a to-do list to stay focused on what needs to get done.

Para hacer varias actividades hay que manejar bien el tiempo. Acuerden formas para mantenerse enfocados y evitar distracciones. Apaguen la televisión y el teléfono durante la tarea y escriban una lista de cosas por hacer para concentrarse en lo que se debe terminar.


Dec 14, 2018


At your next family gathering, try this conversation starter. Have each person write three little-known facts about herself on index cards. Example: “I love physics.” Mix all of them together. Take turns drawing a card, reading it, and guessing who wrote it.

En su próxima reunión familiar, intente iniciar así la conversación: haga que todos escriban en una tarjeta tres hechos poco conocidos sobre sí mismos. Ejemplos: “Me gusta la física”. Mezcle las tarjetas. Túrnense sacando una tarjeta, leyéndola y adivinando quién la escribió.


Dec 15, 2018


Here’s a good way to keep your tween or teen’s basic math skills sharp. Put him in charge of keeping a running total of your spending at the grocery store. As you place each item in the cart, suggest that he round it to the nearest dollar and add it to the total.

Esta es una buena forma de mejorar las destrezas matemáticas de su hijo. Póngalo a cargo de calcular el total de lo que gastará en la tienda de abarrotes. Cada vez que coloque algo en la carreta, sugiérale que aproxime la cantidad al dólar más cercano y que lo sume al total.


Dec 16, 2018


Would your child know what to do if someone chokes or stops breathing? Encourage her to take a CPR and first aid course. Check with the Red Cross ( or your local hospital to find a class near you and enroll together. It could save someone’s life.

¿Sabría su hijo qué hacer si alguien se ahogara o dejara de respirar? Anímelo a tomar un curso de RCP y primeros auxilios. Investiguen en la Cruz Roja ( o su hospital local, busquen una clase cerca de ustedes e inscríbanse. Podrían salvar la vida de alguien.

The Parent and Family Engagement Connection





NMS Weekly Attendance

Let's keep our attendance strong. Our weekly goal is 97%!
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'A' House Students of the Month

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Juan Salazar; Taylon Wooten; Joseph Prescott; Kethzia Hernandez; Azael Hernandez; Jacqueline Herrera

'B' House Students of the Month

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Rosalinda Reyes; Joseph Hernandez; Michelle Paredes; Vincent Jones; Ajiah Arceneaux;

Maximilian Perez

Educator of the Month Educator of the Month

  • Our educator of the month is.....Jillian Mark

  • Jillian's family members are her two dogs Bella & Brody. For fun, Ms. Mark likes to try out new restaurants, listen to podcast, decorate different things, and spend time with her family and friends and of course, Bella & Brody! Here favorite book is "Becoming" by Michelle Obama. She says that it is a must read and she recommends it. Her favorite movies are Hallmark Christmas movies and anything that comes on Lifetime! Something that you should know about Ms. Mark is that she is very passionate about helping people reach their full potential.

Student of the Month

  • Our student of the month is.... Guillermo

  • Guillermo's family members are his mom, dad, little brother and little sister. His best buds are Gabriel, Erick, Gerardo, Jean, Isaiah, and Ricardo. Guillermo is quite popular! Guillermo is not really into reading or watching TV, but he is into athletics. He loves to play any sport more than anything else. His favorite pastime though, is playing football with his buddies. Congrats Guillermo!

Null Middle School Instructional Insight Newsletter

You find information about what is going on in core content classes (ELA, Math, Science, and Social Studies).

STEM Corner

Here’s what happening in STEM this week:

Grade 7

STEM Science: Students will be reviewing for the DCA on the following topics:

· Cell Theory

· Levels of Organization

· Cell Organelles

· Body Systems

· Energy Transformations

· Chemical vs. Physical Changes

STEM ELA: This week in 7th grade STEM ELA, the students take their Writing Mock Exam and present their student led lesson plan based on their assigned writing topic.

STEM Texas History: Students will be reviewing for DCA on the following topics:

· Regions

· Natives

· Explorers

· Road to the Revolution

· American Revolution

· Constitution

· Early Republic

STEM Lab: Students will be finishing up Lesson 3 of PLTW and will begin reviewing for Semester Exams.

STEM Math: Students will be working in stations for applications with percents. Stations will include:

· Walton’s Food Mart

· Retail Therapy

· The Math Diner

· Prodigy

· Simple/ Compound Interest

· Proportional Relationships

Grade 8:

STEM Algebra 1: Students will be learning Linear regression, and Caucasian vs. Association and reviewing for their Semester Exams

STEM Math: Students are finishing up Pythagorean Theorem and reviewing for semester Exams.

STEM Science: Students will be completing our study of weather and preparing for DCA#2.

STEM ELA: This week in 8th grade ELA, the students will participate in review activities to prepare for the semester final exam.

STEM American History: Students will be finishing the Early Republic. Later in the week we will begin studying for the DCA.

STEM Lab: STEM Lab: Students will be finishing up Lesson 3 of PLTW and will begin reviewing for Semester Exams.

Have a great week!


Another GREAT week in the Elective Department!


Winter Concert is Thursday, December 13 in the cafeteria. Students must pay their $20 band fees so they can get their band shirt, which is required for the concert.

Beginner concert is at 6:00
Concert, Symphonic, and Honor Band concert is at 7:00

Students have received a letter with all the necessary info. It can also be found at

CAP (Civil Air Patrol)

Congratulations to the CAP I cadets! We launched rockets last week and it was AWESOME! The rockets were propelled by a solid fuel engine and recovered by parachute. This will allow us to launch the rockets again.

Students are reviewing for final exams this week. ALLstudents have homework! Please look at their work and ensure it is complete.


Elementary Christmas tour is 12/14. Wear pink choir shirts and blue jeans.


As we approach the end of the semester. The Journalism classes are working hard to finish the last edits to their broadcast segments. They are excited to share their hard work with their peers on the daily announcements.

Robotics (Mr. Peace)

Students are reviewing for their final exam by developing challenges for other students. Challenges require the student groups to write a program to complete a task.

The final exam in Mr. Peace's robotics class will require students to develop and write programs.

Parents...THANK YOU for your support!


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Remember, we are the Best school with the Best students, Best parents, and the Best faculty and staff. Good, Better, Best!!! Never let it rest, until your good gets better and your better gets best!