Forsenic Nusing

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What do they do?

Forensic Nurses work with the victims of sexual assault, human trafficing, domestic violence, child abuse/neglect, elderly mistreatment, and death investigations. It also includes collecting physical evidance. They may have to be expert witnesses in trials that to lead to crimal convictions. These skilled indivuals Identify injuries, analyze psychological and social damages, and create educational programs to prevent further attacks. They must be able to uncover victims personal details in lengthly interviews. They offer compassionate prompt care to victims of sexual assault. They are considered the bridge between the criminal justice system and the health care system.


To become a Forensic Nurse, you would need at least 6 years of college and many training courses. There are two options for a career in Forensic Nursing; attend general education nursing school that offers specific courses or become an RN, work at least 3 years in general medicine and then specilize in forensics. After graduating from general nursing classes they can take certificatoin tests to become an FRN. They need to become a clinical nurse before getting a forsenic nursing job. Before obtaining a specialty all forensic nurses need to be educated in medical, surgical, obstetric, pediatric, and psychiatric nursing.


The salary for a Forensic Nursuring is always changing. Salary depends on the number of years in school. Depending on years of experience, salary may increase. Median salary is $39 an hour or $81,800 a year. The lower 10% of people make $50,000 a year. While the upper 10% is making around $140,000 a year.


What is it? A nurse that helps victims of Rapes and sexual assault

What is the income? Median salary is $39 an hour

How many years do you have to go to school? It depends, the more schooling/ training you have the more salary you get