criminal investigating as a career

By: alyssa garza


To become a criminal investigator you need a bachelor's degree in forensic science, forensic anthropology, or forensic biology. you have to go in the police academy. you need to take classes to have experience in investigating. you need to make sure you get certified and keep learning and getting educated.

Job description

A criminal investigator has a lot of important duties. A criminal investigator has to gather evidence, to figure out mysterious crimes. They have to figure a lot of stuff out and have a lot of reports for the crime investigation. They have to make sure to write down and report any information they get from evidence. A criminal investigator does this stuff to keep people and family's together.


A criminal investigator makes a different amount of money it just depends on your area surroundings and your level in experience. A low amount of money you can make is around $37,960 a year. A medium amount of money you can make is $62,110 a year. The highest amount of money is estimated to about $99,980 a year.

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