Join the Army Today!!

reward and a life changing experience

The day to join the army is coming soon! Help defend your country!

reasons to join the army..

10. If you hate living at home and want to get away join the army because you will never see home again! fun!

9. Do you like training a lot and working hard? If you join the army your first years will only contain working all day and night!

8. Do you like staying up till midnight or later? While joining the army you never get sleep and you will be sleep deprived.

7.Collecting heads is a great honor! they are like trophies! guaranteed you will get many heads!

6. When your all done with army, and you haven't died yet you will get free land to raise a family on and have kids! (if you want them)

5. After battle, sometimes you will have received booty from other nations! and its all yours!!

4. Try new foods! Everything from lamb, hare, and even fish! etc.

3. Do you like the sea? Do you like the warm breeze blowing through your luscious hair? In the army, you get both at once! Sailing the seas in the summer! sounds luxurious!

2. Every day we walk everyday! Lots of exercise! what a work out.

1. In the end, When you die, your family will give you a tombstone In honor.