Fragile Ecosystems

Daintree Rainforest by Nandy Chan


The Daintree Rainforest originated more than 135 million years ago.It is a woodland of tall trees growing warmth and has abundant rainfall.Almost all rainforests grow near the equator,The Rainforest help control the earths weather and retain clean fresh air.The Daintree Rainforest has the highest biodversity anywhere in Australia, The daintree rainforest is above 30 degrees which provides a tropical climate.rainforest trees have developed several ways of capturing nutrients, They obtain nourishment from the rainwater and collects it in the leaves.They also withdraw nutrients from their old leaves before they shed them.


The Daintree Rainforest is located in North Queensland near Port Douglas,[North Cairns, Tropical North Queensland]

Plants, [flora]

There are about 45 percent of the words plant species occur in tropical rain forests. Scientists have counted over 250 species of trees in small areas of Asian and south American rain forest, There are all sourts of plants in the Daintree Rain forest,like,Daintree Fan palm, Native Hibiscus, Mangrove sapling,and many more plants. Most Rain forests trees continually lose old leaves and grow new ones.The roots of most rain forest trees grow close to the surface and quickly absorb soil nutrients before they wash away.

Animals, [Fauna]

Mammals observed the site, A wide range of birds including several dove species, five species of Honey eaters .There are many different types of animals in the Daintree Rain forest, such as,Green tree frog, Peppermint stick insect, flying fox and many more animals.There is also lots of insects,at the Daintree Rain forest , like, 40 species of ant.Scientists have counted about 1,200 species of beetles. Plants and Animals in the Rain Forest depend on one another for survival. Many animal groups,especially insects and birds,pollinate the flowers of the Rain Forest trees.

Threats and Dangers

People are wreaking the Daintree Rain Forest,by,cutting downthe trees and branches, burning spots for area,(housing displaced),tin mining leases held and selling Rain Forest wood for furniture.There are 180 properties that remain at risk,more wildlife were killed on roads,and disease tending to spread displacing native plants and further loss of wildlife.Men built roads so tourists can drive through,They also made a sky rail which they had to cut down trees miniral impact.Dingoes,cats,dogs,foxes,rabbits,rodents and cane toads,they are some animals that threated the Daintree Rain Forest,they dig on the grownd and destroy plants that are growing.Streams and rivers are cantaminated by their waste.

Possible Solutions (Why Should We Care)

The Rain Forest is an important provider of clean air.They consume carbon dioxide.Rain Forest produce 40 percent of the worlds oxygen by taking carbon dioxide.It is a home to the Rain Forest over 55 percent of the worlds plant animal species. If we stop people from cutting trees and threatening the Rain Forest ,This will protect the wildlife and have more and many species of animals in the Rain Forest. If we destroy an acre of a place in the Rain Forest, Towards extintion most species over 100 species bird ,animals,bug and insects will become extint nearly every day.

Interesting Facts

*The Daintree rain Forest has the greatest diversity of plants and animals found any where in Australia.

*Wet tropics is suited for fruit crops and timber trade.

*It is the most ancient and primitive Rain Forest in Australia.

*During ice ages the climate is much cooler and drier.

*People are rapidly destroying the worlds Rain Forest

*Foresters harvest millions of trees from Rain Forest each year.

*Did you know that trees absorb an enormous amount of rain, which is called Transpiration?

*Tropical Rain Forest help regulate earths enviroment in several ways.