WeHo Enrichments 2013-2014

FIRST MEETING OF THE YEAR - rescheduled to


We apologize for this last minute change but we needed to secure a space large enough (Auditorium) to accomodate our first few meetings.

So, for the time being - our regular monthly meetings will be held - the 2nd Monday of the month in the Auditorium.

This first meeting will enable us to meet in person, exchange ideas and share resources. We'll be sharing information about Study Units/PBL projects for each class (plus materials needed for PBL's) etc.

If you have an Enrichment CONCEPT or PROPOSAL you'd like to 'pitch' (we LOVE this!) please fill out our Enrichment Proposal Form below and bring a hard copy to this meeting. Pls. be as detailed as possible.

Remember, Enrichments are not limited to Assemblies, Bus Field Trips, Walking Field Trips, Guest Speaker and Workshops... if you have an area of expertise, say you'd like to teach Art once a week in class, that is an Enrichment. We want to be able to review and track proposals, especially those that arrive either partially or fully funded.

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Thanks again! See you next MONDAY!

Angela Galletta

(Joseph Levy's mom)

FOWHE Enrichments