Stress Release Manual


this manual will help me undertand some was i can deal with stress

its important to be stress free because that's the time when you can relax and think correctly. My long term goal is to get educated have a family and a good job. "STOP WISHING STAR DOING".

table of contents

Ch. 1. Stressors pg.1

Ch. 2. Take care of myself pg.2

Ch. 3. Learn to relax pg.3

Ch. 4. Change my attitude pg.4

Ch. 5. Manage my time pg.5

Ch. 6. Laughter pg.6


1 Homework

2 When a family member is at the hospital.

3 forget doing things

4 when I don't do something right and I have to do it again.

5 people who doesn't follow directions.

Take care of my life

two exercises that keep me fit and realize stress are playing soccer and running.

my favorite dream is when I see my self back in Mexico and with all of my family.

My favorite food or snack chocolate.

Learn to relax

1 talk to some you trust

2 drink something

3 count from 1 to 10

4 use your breath

5 get clear on what you want

6 play a sport or video game you like

7 wash your face

8 go to a place where you can think about what going on.

9 read a book

10 take a nap

11 run or take a walk

12 stretching

13 take a quick shower

14 listen to music

15 chew a piece or gum

Change your attitude

5 thing I like about myself are I always try to do my best, I don't give up easily, I like to be fit, to be good at math, and I try to do new things every day.

well this year I have two huge challenges I have to study hard fort he act.t and I have to do well at my classes because this is my first year out of bilingual classes and I want to show everyone I can do it and if I accomplish that I'm sure I'll feel good about myself.

Manage your time

1 By scheduling the important things I have to get done in a day.

2 By finishing my homework during advisory.

3 use my free time wisely.

4 sleep 7 to 8 hours a day.

5 learn to say "no" this way I wont lose time during the day.


five things that make me laugh

1 good jokes

2 when people get mad over thing that aren't important.

3 funny videos

4 when people think they are the most important person in the world.

5 when people try to do dumb things and get hurt.