Charles Darwin


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Charles Darwin

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Charles Darwin's life and studies

Charles Darwin was born on February 12, 1809 in the Mount Shrewsbury, United Kingdom. Darwin died on April 19, 1882 at the age of 73 in the United Kingdom. He was a English Naturalist and a scientist in the field of Geology. However, he is best known and remembered for the science of evolution and natural selection.

Charles Darwin was the first to develop revolutionary theory that was very different than others in his field after a long voyage by ship to the Galapagos Islands, South America, and the Pacific Islands. He developed the theory of evolution and natural selection after collecting various birds, plants, and animals. These observations and the voyage gave him a new view on how life developed that lead him to write, "On the Origin of Species" in 1852.


Darwin grew up in a family full of money and fame, with both his father and grandfather well respected men. His father was a medical doctor and his grandfather a well known botanist. Darwin's father hoped he would try and follow in his footsteps and become a medical doctor as well- but NO! Darwin was queasy at the first sight of blood! Instead, Darwin graduated with his Bachelor's of Art degree and was recommended for a job on a ship- the HMS Beagle, as a naturalist. Naturalist believed that every object, life form, and event are all part of nature, which means everything is open to scientific investigation. Darwin's new theory would be very contrary to what other Naturalists believed during this time. Darwin observed all parts of life and events throughout his voyage on the HMS Beagle. He noticed that all species all over the world had similar traits. Darwin developed a theory or idea that all species developed through "natural selection" and from common ancestors. This theory and idea was very controversial and is still controversial even though DNA evidence supports this idea. It was and is still opposed by Creationism and religious groups today.
Charles Darwin - The Theory Of Natural Selection

Charles Darwin and the theory of natural selection

By Chris Monichski

This video will teach you some interesting facts about natural selection and how Charles Darwin began to develop his theory.

AND A THEORY is born!!!!

When developing his theory and during his voyage on the HMS Beagle, Darwin had the opportunity to observe giraffe's on the islands versus giraffe's on the mainland. He noticed that although they were the same species, there were some main differences. Mainly, he noticed the differences in the length of the giraffe's necks. He saw that the short necked giraffe's could not live or make it in certain geographic regions and so when giraffes in that region were born they could not eat and died. This left only long neck giraffes to breed in that region. However, in a different geographic area, a shorter necked giraffe could survive due to different plants and so shorter necked giraffes still would breed and more short necked giraffes were born. This observation led the way to Darwin writing and publishing his book "Origins of Species by means of selection" in 1858.

Darwin accomplished a great amount of scientific work and led the way to DNA and genetics science that we have today. He published "origins of species by means of selection" in 1858 that has been the basis of study for the "Theory of Evolution" Darwin was the first scientist to observe or document "natural selection" or survival of the fittest in nature and among species. He is the first scientist to infer that all species came from common ancestors and just developed regionally due to differences in environment. As a result of Darwin's work in genetics we have developed DNA fingerprinting that helps us solve crimes, helps us diagnose diseases, helps us fight cancer, and many other things.

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