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Winter is Coming

You might have noticed the drop in temperature outside lately. Well theirs only one reason for that and it is that summer is officially over and winter is coming. So you best start pulling the sweaters and the boots out of the attic cause from what I have heard. Its gonna be a cold and snowy one this year. So be ready, for winter is coming.

Fall Break and Halloween is on the way

Its on the way

Halloween has always been kinda my favorite holiday. And I'm sure the rest of the student body of Puterbaugh is looking forward to it to. Fall break is coming to next week. We will be out of school on Oct. 15 and 16, so enjoy that time off. Cause it doesn't happen a lot.
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Thursday Night Football

This Thursday are very own 7th and 8th grade Mcalester Buffaloes will be playing against the Wagoner Bulldogs at are home turf. You might have already heard about last weeks devastating blow out against the Durant Lions winning 50 to 0. Maybe we can do that again this week against the Bulldogs.
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Weather for the Week