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The Mighty Knight Connection - February 2013 - Issue 3

Information & Upcoming Events


  • Feb. 1 - CALENDAR UPDATE: End of MP2, Half-Day for Students (No PM KDG)
  • Feb. 1 - Boomerang Breakfast - 8:30AM
  • Feb. 6 - PSSA English/Language Arts Field Test - Grades 3-5
  • Feb. 8 - Family Fun & Fitness Night - 6:30PM-8:00PM
  • Feb. 11-15 - Jump Rope for Heart - Phys. Ed. Classes
  • Feb. 11 - CALENDAR UPDATE: Report Cards Distributed
  • Feb. 12 - School Board Meeting - 16 Welden - 7:30PM
  • Feb. 14 - Valentine's Day
  • Feb. 15 - Spirit Assembly, Fitness is Fun
  • Feb. 18 - NO SCHOOL - President's Day
  • Feb. 20 - Market Day Pick-Up - Gym Foyer
  • Feb. 25 - 6th Grade Assessment Begins - Vollman
  • Feb. 26 - School Board Meeting - 16 Welden - 7:30PM

PSSA Field Test - February 6th

Dear Parents of 3rd-5th Grades,

The Pennsylvania State Department of Education is implementing changes with the format of future PSSA Assessments beginning next school year - Spring 2014. In doing so, the State is requiring that all PA School Districts complete a "Field Test" of a new combined Reading/Writing assessment format - ELA (English/Language Arts). All Buckingham students in grades 3-5 will be participating in this field test and are "testing the items" for future assessment considerations.

No data will be returned to schools or parents, and this will NOT change the regularly scheduled format for this year's PSSA testing in March/April. Buckingham is scheduled to complete this Field Test on Wednesday, February 6th, 2013. Students absent or away will not be required to "make-up" the field assessment.

No prior preparation is necessary for this field test, except to be sure your child is well-rested and has a healthy breakfast. We would like to keep this as "low-key" and "stress-free" as possible.

Please Note: A calendar for this year's regularly scheduled "PSSA Assessment" for Buckingham is noted below this article.


2013 Grades 3-6 PSSA Schedule

March 12-15 - 5th Grade PSSA Writing Assessment

April 8-15 - Grades 3-6 Reading & Math Assessments

April 22 & 23 - 4th Grade Science Assessment

Winter Weather & Recess

As the winter months continue, there are many benefits to getting fresh air and exercise for the students. When deciding our plans for the 30-minute daily recess period, Buckingham follows approved procedures on determining whether students participate in a full outdoor, half-out/half-in, or full indoor recess. The Central Bucks School District has provided Buckingham with a thermometer gauge that reads real-time temperature/wind chill on our recess yard - which is completed every 15-20 minutes throughout each recess period. We then follow the District approved National Weather Services’s Child Care Weather Watch Chart (Both Wind Chill & Heat Indexes) that recommend safety standards for staff & children.

Happy Valentine's Day!

This year, Valentine's Day classroom parties will be organized, planned, and facilitated by the classroom teachers. Students are encouraged to decorate boxes and will exchange cards per teacher directives. Please monitor the amount of candy and sugar that is distributed. Thank you in advance for assisting and supporting Buckingham Elementary.

PTO General Meeting - Positive Culture at Buckingham

On January 24th, Buckingham PTO hosted a general meeting for parents featuring Dr. Lennon, Mr. Rosica, and Mr. Durie - who spoke on the benfits of "Positive Psychology" for students and parents. It was a very informative session that featured the importance in guiding students to make good choices while surrounding themselves with positive influences and friends. The entire PowerPoint is available on the PTO Website. To see one of the videos referenced during their Positive Psychology workshop, please click here.

The next Generel PTO Meeting will be on Wednesday, March 20 at 9:30AM featuring Mr. Bucher, Principal from Holicong Middle School.

Manners Make a Difference

In our ongoing effort to improve school climate and positive pro-social skills, Buckingham Elementary has been participating in a school-wide initiative called “Manners Make a Difference.” Each Monday morning, Buckingham staff have been announcing a “focus manner” of the week, and challenge students to let their “manners" affect others in positive ways. Please be sure to ask your child about the “Manners Make a Difference” each week!

January's Manners:

  • If somebody drops something, and you are close to it, help them by picking it up!
  • If you bump into someone accidentally, say "excuse me" - even if it wasn't your fault.
  • If you have any doubts about doing something, ask permission first... it might save you from hours of grief later.
  • Cheerfully "work" with a partner when you are assigned - so as not to hurt their feelings.

Buckingham Students Honored at CB Cares Boomerang Breakfast!

On Friday, February 1st, Buckingham Elementary School honored student recipients of the CB Cares Education Foundation's "40 Assets" Boomerang Award nominations. All students who received a nomination from September through January were invited to celebrate during a pancake breakfast courtesy of Mr. Funseth and Mr. Rosica. Student Council Members, Mrs. Raitt, and Mrs. Kris Moyer (Buckingham Parent 40 Assets Liaison) helped organize and serve during the event. Also in attendance to address the nominees were - Kimberly Cambra and Barbara Gross - CB Cares Director and Associate Director, respectively. Thanks to all who participated and congratulations to the nominees.

CB Cares Boomerang Nominations

February: #22 School Engagement:

Young person is actively engaged in educational activities inside and/or outside of school. They take learning a step further and by their actions and enthusiasm serve as a role model to others

Parents, please nominate a Buckingham student by clicking here! In your paragraph, include how your nominee exemplifies this month’s asset. Nominations are due to Mr. Rosica by Feb. 22nd.

Buckingham Art on Display at the Doylestown Post Office!

The Doylestown Post Office proudly showcases district student artwork on a rotating basis. Currently, Buckingham is the school on display through February 13th. What wonderful art by our students!

Art Room News

Miss Callahan's Class has been busy creating address plaques for their homes. They used a stippling technique to create texture for house numbers.

First Grade has just completed Giant Paper Pandas. Students tore paper (instead of cutting with scissors) to create realistic fur. Students were surprised to find out that giant pandas eat as much bamboo a day as the students actually weigh. Students will be creating oriental fans using a collage technique incorporating a landscape next.

Second Grade completed their close-up paintings of snowmen - learning how artists "zoom in" to their subjects. Students used a resist technique to paint their background space. Continuing in winter, students are creating cool temperature color paintings with special snowflakes on top. Second grade was surprised that they could turn their marker drawings into watercolor paintings.

Third Grade is working on ceramic cupcakes inspired by the "Cupcake Wars" on the food channel on TV. Students are learning that presentation is very important in business as well as in art class. Look for these yummy creations to be on display when you visit!

Fourth Grade students in 4-L are currently working on ceramic Drape Bowls imprinting leaves for texture while 4-R is concentrating on contour line drawings in their backpack paintings. Fourth grade used tissue paper to apply color to their designs.

Fifth Grade students just completed paintings of Buckingham's Mighty Knight logo in the style of artist Romero Britto. The halls are lined with these sparkling colored paintings! Looking forward to designing their own pizza slices, which will be transformed from a clay slab and detailed with at least three yummy toppings . Students will be adding a writing piece by creating a recipe for their pizza.

Sixth Grade students have been busy creating their abstract wooden relief Masks with an African linear design. Students enjoyed building, painting, detailing, and accessorizing their masks.

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