All about me!

By Margi


My name is Margaret, or Margi for short. I have four sisters and a brother. My older sister, Juliana, lives in Michigan, and my younger sisters, Olivia, Abby and Emelia live with me. My older brother Isaiah also lives with me. My birthday in 7/11/2003, and right now, I am 12, turning 13 in July.

Favorite things...

My favorite TV show is Doctor Who, obviously, and my favorite movies are the Lion King, Home, and the Hobbit (Unexpected Journey, Desolation of Smaug and Battle of the Five Armies). And my favorite superhero show is Legends of Tomorrow. I love to write Doctor Who fan fictions. I shop at the Farmer's Market and the Mall, but I like walking around book stores, because I am a total book worm. I am into Sci-Fi, Fantasy and action books, but I also like cartoon books like Garfield and Calvin & Hobbes.

I play multiple instruments: Clarinet, bass clarinet and piano. I played clarinet in the elementary school, and right now, I play bass clarinet. I learn piano by looking at hand placement, so I literally teach myself how to play piano. My favorite song is Viva la Viva: Coldplay, and I can play that and Halo by Beyonce on piano. I also like drawing, singing and Karate, even though I am not in Karate yet.

On weekends, I play minecraft with my sister, ride my bike to the library, and mostly just laze around. I like to travel by plane, but not by car. Over the summer, my family traveled all the way to Rhode Island for my aunt's wedding-by car! I really really like history, it is one of my favorite subjects in school.

My favorite Youtubers are mostly all Minecraft players. My all time favorite one is Dan The Diamond Minecart, followed by Popularmmos, the Bajan Canadian and Stampylonghead. I am way into jazz music, but I also like listening to acapella bands, like Pentatonix. I absolutely HATE heavy metal, rock and country music because it bursts my eardrums and I HATE it!

I enjoy cooking and baking, but I'm not really good at it. But, one day, I want to be on Cupcake Wars (once I learn how to make them without burning the oven).

If I had any super hero that I would want to meet, it would be: Rip Hunter, White Canary and Hawk Girl from Legends of Tomorrow. I would also choose Batman. But my all-time favorite super hero is White Canary from Legends of Tomorrow, because her weapon is super cool and super powerful, and she shows that even girls can be superheroes too. So she's pretty awesome.

Other interesting things about me...

I think the most interesting thing about me is that I can memorize almost about everything. I memorized the first 90 elements of the Periodic table, and I know some part of pi. I am learning multiple languages, so my memorizing skills come in handy for that. I'm learning French, Spanish, Italian, Danish, Russian, Ukrainian, Swedish, Swahili, Zulu and German. I am currently the best at French (40% fluent), Danish (13% fluent), Russian (8% fluent), and Italian (17% fluent). Tu parler Francais? Oui, je parler un petite Francais. Et tu?