Mr. Reilly's Reminders


Here are a some things to keep in mind for the last part of the year:

1) Seniors, you start taking finals THIS Friday during 7th period;

2) Underclassman, your finals schedule is in Canvas - its never to early to start studying!

3) During SRT, we will ask you to clean out your lockers;

4) Get out and support your spring sport classmates as they begin sectional play in the coming weeks!

That is all - Be good people and make good decisions!


This week, be aware of the following:

-Walk A Thon money is due by Wednesday, April 29th

-Student v. Teacher Comedy Sportz match is Monday, April 27th

-Talent show is Friday, May 1st before our annual Walk A Thon

Seniors, the senior final schedule is on Canvas (Student Information Page) - they begin Friday, May 15th with 7th period!

Thank you to those who competed in the 1st annual Kickball Tournament!


This is a short week with a lot of events going on! Girls and Boys Lacrosse open their seasons this week, Spring Break starts Friday and the last quarter of the year has started. Not to mention the following dress down days:

Monday - Pajama day

Tuesday - St. Patricks attire

Wednesday - Dress like a profession day

Thursday - Tourist day

I wish you all a safe and fun spring break. Make good decisions and come back with a refreshed and motivated frame of mind to finish the school year strong.


We are almost half way through the 3rd quarter! Please communicate with your teachers any needs you have in order to end the quarter strong. We have NHS members who are willing to help tutor if you need. Please contact Ms. Ogle if you feel as though that might help you for the end of the quarter.

Congrats to Luke Nondorf, the girls basketball team and the Trobotics team for their success during their respective seasons! Also, Gabrielle Benko and Matthew Hawkins earned gold ratings at this past weekends ISSMA State Solo contest!

Spring break is two weeks away. Please enjoy the break, but also be safe and make good decisions while traveling or enjoying the freedom from school.

“Freedom to be your best means nothing unless you are wiling to do your best.”
Colin Powell


Next week is a short week as we observe President's Day weekend. We will have our Black History Month assembly on Tuesday and students are encouraged to wear purple, gold and green!

Other events in the coming days:

-2/13 and 2/14 our girls basketball teams are competing in the sectional tournament;

-King Cake will be served during lunch 2/17;

-We will have Ash Wednesday service and begin the lenten season 2/18.

The end of the 3rd quarter is just over a month away. This is a good time to look at your grades, ask for help where needed and finish the quarter on a positive note.

"respect others in their view, and demand that they respect yours." -Cheif Tecumseh


This month is Black History Month, and we will have many different events to celebrate. We will have different food items in the cafeteria, a guest speaker, an all school program and music in honor of Black History Month. The following a link to Mr. Mathews and his story from living in a segregated south.

Please see Student Union members for more details about the month's events.


Now that the second semester is in full swing, here are some upcoming events:

1) Catholic Schools week is next week - dress down days and staff/senior basketball game are some highlights;

2) Black History Month - February is the month we celebrate African-American history and culture. There will be events, dress down days and special food throughout the month;

3) MORP will take place February 13 in the AUX gym - look for announcements about tickets and details.

Please continue to make good decisions!


On Monday, you will report to all seven classes. This will be your last chance with your teacher before you take finals. Please use this time wisely to be prepared for your exams. To answer the question of "Do we have to wear school uniforms during finals," yes, we will stay with our normal school uniform for finals.

Finals can be a stressful time. While preparing, look for a healthy activity to release some of that tension you may have. Go for a run, watch a funny movie, workout, or play music. Finals are important, but so is your health. Do all you can do to be prepared, take the final, and look forward to a new semester.

"Doubt whom you will, but never doubt yourself."

~ Christian Nestell Bovee


Welcome back from a much needed 2 day break! Thank you all again for a successful canned food drive and to those who helped deliver the cans to our agencies.

There are two weeks left before the second quarter ends. Work hard now so you can end on a positive note going into finals week.

Upcoming this week, we have the ResCare party on 12/5, as well as the Holla Dance that night from 8p-10:30p. Tickets will be sold during the day.


Students are encouraged to bring in as many cans as you are able - be that one or a hundred - to help make our annual canned food drive a success. We have 6 local agencies that will benefit from your generosity during the upcoming holiday season. Our goal is to be able to donate 35,000 cans to these agencies and help feed hungry Hoosiers in our city. If you feel as though you cannot bring in cans, please consider volunteering your time and energy by delivering the cans to these agencies after school next Wednesday.

Your time and generosity is appreciated!


Welcome to November! The first semester is flying by and on Wednesday, the 2nd quarter midterm will be here. Please check your grades, turn in missing work and seek tutoring if needed before the semester ends. Finals will be here soon and you will need to spend time preparing for those too - take care of the loose ends now so finals wont be as stressful.

Good luck to the winter athletic teams as they begin their seasons! We have a few events the next couple of months you can participate in:

1) Barn Dance - 11/8. Tickets are on sale now!

2) Rescare Party - 12/5

That's all for now, be safe and make good decisions!


Simple Reminders

  • Students are reminded that hooded sweatshirts cannot be worn (except purple on Fridays).
  • Backpacks are not allowed in the classroom.
  • Arrive at school on time - 3 Late to School/quarter = detention.
  • Keep your behavior at extra curricular events appropriate.