Life of Brooke Yancey

By: Brooke Yancey

About Me

My name is, Brooke Nicole Yancey. I was born on October 5th, 2000. I am 15 years old. I have lived in Delphi all my life. I go to Delphi Community High School. I have gone to the Delphi Schooling since Kindergarten. I go to church. The church I go to is, Delphi First Assembly of God. I have gone to the church all my life. I go to a church camp over the summer. It's so much fun! I have had only two boyfriends my whole life, Brayden Wall and Zachery Wells. I had my first kiss when I was 14 at church camp with Brayden Wall. He and I dated for like three months it didn't really last because we didn't live close to each other. Zach and I started dating about a month after Brayden and I broke up. Zach and I dated for about 8 months. We broke things off on April 1st because he is having problems with his family and he doesn't want to have me get hurt when they are figuring all their stuff out. Zach and I are still friends and we're thinking about getting back together. My best friend that's a girl is Korynn and my best friend that's a guy is Chancelor. Chancelor and his girlfriend, Angel are the last photo. Here is a link to my church's website,

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Family & Aminals

I have one brother and one sister. Rachel is 13 and Hunter is 8. My mom, Lori is 49 and my dad, Greg is 50. I'm the oldest of the three kids. We have two rabbits, Bonny and Charlotte. Bonny is a black and white rabbit she has a black stripe down her white belly and has random black shots on her body. Charlotte is all black, she has REALLY big back feet. Over the winter we have a dog named, Jake he is my grandparents dog. We watch him when they go to Florida for the winter. I have a dog with my ex-boyfriend, Zachery Wells. Our dog'sname is, Baby Girl. She is a blue tick. She's very sweet and nice. She is white and has random brown and black spots all over her.


I have played softball since I was 4 years old. I have been playing Summer Ball ( Rec ) for 15 years now. This is my last year of Rec ball. I played 3 years of Middle School ball. This is my first year of High School ball. I have played everywhere on the field other than pitcher. I can't pitch at all. I'm mostly a catcher. I have been catching since i was 10 years old. In High School softball I have only catch one inning because they put me in for only hitting. Because apparently I'm a really good hitter. Here is a link to the Delphi Sport page,

Zach and My Relationship

Zach and I met on 8/31/15. He started coming to Delphi because he is now living with his grandparents not his mom. Zach and I rode the same bus. He got on before me and went to the back of the bus and sat in my sit and I sat right next to him because that was MY seat. I was mad that I didn't have a seat to myself but it turned out that I got to met this very sweet, kind, and loving man. Zach found me on Facebook and added me. We starting texting each other that same day. We talked and talked and talked all night long for that whole week. I told him if he wanted to date me my parents would have to met him so he came to church on 9/7/15. We started "talking" that day. Talking is just like dating but you're not boyfriend and girlfriend, you're getting to know each other better. We had our date as 8/31/15 because we both liked that dated better. After 3 months of talking Zach got us rings, that say, "Two will be as one, Always Protects, Always Trust, Always Love". On my birthday Zach got me a dog, Baby Girl. On our 6 month of talking I got us necklaces that are crosses. His was black with a sliver ring around it and mine was a glad cross with a sliver ring around it. It's about 7 months of talking we broke things off on 3/24/16 because he started having family problems and he didn't want me dragged into them. Right now Zach and I are friends we are thinking about getting back together. We both really love each other and want to be with each other. His family things is over now but we wanted to see if we still loved each other the same way we did before we broke things off. I hope he and I get back together!


Here are some things I did this year in Photoshop. I made one of me, Joey Snider, Gabby Oliver, and Hope Bowman. I had to take some photos of them and put them all on one photo. It wasn't easy the first time but once I got the hang of it, I became a pro at Photoshop. Gabby is the best one, she is the biggest photo.

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