Justin and Holly

The Six Steps of Naturalization

1. Get a green card.

2. Maintain residence for 5 years and be present for 30 months of those 5 years.

3. Complete the USCIS for N-400 for $595 plus an additional $80 for biometrics.

4. Run fingerprints for a background check.

5. Pass naturalization test and interview on English competence, U.S. history and civics.

6. Attend oath ceremony to prove loyalty to the United States.

Loss of Citizenship

You can lose citizenship through a number of acts. These include:

1. Becoming a citizen of another country after age 18.

2. Joining military of a foreign place.

3. Becoming a member of government in a foreign state.

4. An act intended to cause loss of citizenship.

5. Committing treason or other crimes against that country's government.

What is an illegal alien?

A person who enters a country illegally without authorization or documents to prove citizenship.

What is a legal alien and what can they do?

A legal alien is a person who is not a citizen of the country that they are legally permitted to stay in. Legal aliens are allowed to maintain residence in that country as well as work or provide labor in that country.