Learn the Language of the Universe

Free Meditation Download & Reading Included!

What is the Language of the Universe?

​The Language of the Universe speaks to everyone daily. You may already be aware of synchronicities, symbols, dreams and intuitive guidance or you may just be starting your journey of seeking out knowledge, clarity or purpose. When you understand the Language of the Universe you can:

*Enhance awareness to uncover unconscious patterns

*Learn to decipher what is ego imagination and what are messages

*Learn to decipher symbols in dreams, meditation and your imagination

*Learn to connect to clarity, insight, knowledge and wisdom anytime and anywhere

*Discover or enhance your own intuitive, psychic or healing abilities

*Uncover your path and purpose

*Connect and understand others on a deeper level

*Learn to listen to guidance without all the "mind chatter"

*Learn to manifest and reach your goals with a "knowing" rather than guessing

Language of the Universe Mentor Package Includes:

- 4 Private 1:1 Teaching Sessions with Sasha At Your Own Pace (In-Person, via Skype or Phone)

- On-going Contact for Questions, Discussion and Follow-Up

- FREE Psychic Reading w/ Psychic Rebel Colby & Sasha

- 4 Unique Guided Meditations Made During Your Session

- Techniques For Practice at Home

- Free Download of Divine Conversations Guided Meditations

- Free Attendance to a Workshop with Colby & Sasha (in Los Angeles area)

Sessions/CDs Include:

- Heart Link: Connecting to knowledge, clarity & wisdom of the Universe

- Listening: Learn to listen and understand how the Universe communicates with you

- Responding: Learn to apply and respond to the Universe

- Accessing: Intuition, Psychic and Healing Abilities

-Connecting with Manifesting Energy and Vibration


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Sasha Angelina

Divine Conversations Guided Meditations by Sasha Angelina

Sasha Angelina, Intuitive Guide & Teacher

Who are you? I am an empathic reader, channeler and teacher. Through personal sessions and group classes, I guide you to find your own inner well of knowledge and wisdom, enhance your intuitive abilities, overcome both physical and emotional blocks, and connect with the communication of the universe that speaks to you daily.

Why do you feel compelled to teach this? A few years ago I began to have psychic experiences. I noticed I was channeling loving guidance not only for myself and others and I was also able to "see" and "know" things about my hypnotherapy clients that they had not yet told me. This was quite unexpected and it was not something I was trying to access or achieve.

Didn't that scare you? What did you do?! It was never scary although I did feel at times that it was lonely, I wasn't sure who could help me understand what was happening. I realize now that it was all a learning process that needed to happen on my own so I would trust it more and also follow it to my purpose of helping others. I've met many other people who have also had similar experiences - like a light just switched on one day. I call that "'awakening".

What is Awakening? Awakening is a process of learning to see, hear, speak and experience reality through the mind and heart of your highest self, bringing the unconscious to conscious awareness. Whether you are looking for answers about your journey or purpose, looking to develop your intuitive abilities or simply wish to connect on a deeper level with yourself and the universe, awakening is the process that connects you to all of these things, creating a greater understanding and direction.

Sasha is a graduate of the Hypnosis Motivation Institute, the first nationally accredited school for hypnosis. She is a Certified Hypnotherapist and Birth Doula. Sasha works with both individuals and teaches group classes in Los Angeles. She has discovered her life purpose is to help others consciously awaken and connect with their inner power, love, self worth and the learn the language of the Universe.

Psychic Readings with Sasha & Colby

Receive the benefit of one reading by two psychic readers. Sasha provides a nurturing angel card reading by connecting to your highest self, guides and angels and providing guidance into your current life situation, spiritual evolvement, known or unknown psychic and intuitive abilities and inner processes that need release or healing. Colby is a unique and powerful psychic medium who can provide very specific answers to your past, present or future questions, circumstances, and issues. She is a direct communicator with a big heart. Together the two have found that a client can not only get confirmation and expanded knowledge with two readers, but may also receive in-depth guidance, release and healing. Combined their purpose and intention is to help others overcome obstacles, find answers, discover love and healing and connect to their own inner power and abilities. You can learn more about Colby at www.psychicrebel.com or Sasha at www.sangelina.com or Psychic Fusion at www.psychicfusion.net