2nd Grade News: 2/11

Check out what is happening in Room 26!

Coming Soon...

  • Come join the teachers and other Countryside families at "Cozy Up and Read" night on Thursday, February 18 from 7-8pm. Come in your pajamas --you won't want to miss!

  • On Friday, February 19, we are holding our annual Book Swap at Countryside School. If your child brings in a gently used book they no longer read, they will be able to choose a "new" book for their own library. Bring in books before February 18th!

  • Join BCIC at Station Middle School on Wednesday, February 24 from 5:45pm-7:00pm to celebrate the Chinese New Year: Year of the Monkey with Chinese Acrobats! Reserve your free tickets here: http://bcic.ticketleap.com/tickets/

Reading: Fluency & Close Reading

We wrapped up our fluency unit this week. We added more strategies to help us become more fluent readers, such as reading at a just-right pace and thinking like a storyteller. The students will be starting book clubs with their reading groups in the weeks ahead. We have been practicing together by going through our chapter books one chapter at a time and discussing new words, important details, and interesting parts.

I am so impressed with how the students' reading stamina is growing! They have been doing such a great job with their focus and commitment to their longer chapter books that we have started a "Friday Fun Read". They are able to choose any genre they would like to read during their Read to Self time. Some popular favorites have been poetry books and World Record books. I have noticed greater focus Monday through Thursday because they like to earn that time to read their fun favorites. The reading passion is ever-present in Room 26!

Word Study: Long U and Plurals

The past two weeks we have been looking at Long U word patterns. The students hunted for Long U words in their reading and writing. They also sorted and found patterns in how various Long U words are spelled.

This week, we started looking for patterns in plural nouns. The students noticed various patterns of when to add s, es, or ies to make something more than one.

Writing: Opinions

This week we completed the writing process by editing and finalizing our opinion writing pieces.

In the upcoming weeks, we will study persuasive writing. The students will study persuasive writing in books, as well as in the real world. We will spend time looking at writing by food and movie critics. The students will be taking notice of details to include in their own reviews.

Chinese New Year!

This week we celebrated the start of the Chinese New Year as a 2nd grade. Every 2nd grader at Countryside had the opportunity to visit all five teachers for a different Chinese New Year activity. They learned a Chinese song and made origami, and the CI students were all great helpers teaching their peers some Chinese characters.

The students also made bookmarks to celebrate the Chinese New Year with the rest of the school. In my class, we created bookmarks of "Joy" for the Kindergarteners. On Tuesday, we hand delivered them and read with our Kindergarten buddies. They felt very special, and it was fun to teach the Kindergarteners about Chinese New Year. In Mrs. Du's class, the students created more elaborate bookmarks for the 3rd grade CI classes.

Reading to Miss Pagnotta's Kindergarteners

Making our "Joy" Bookmarks

Reading to Mrs. Gorges' Kindergarteners

Student of the Week Schedule

2/22: Ainslie Eldredge

2/29: Owen Cook

3/7: Daelyn Brewer