Below are some very nice ideas on how best to spend your vacation. If you are tired of doing the same old thing or visiting the same old place, then let's brainstorm some ideas with you to ensure your trip is wonderful. Maybe you've some extra cash this time around and want to try something different? Let's take a journey and discover some very nice theme vacations...

Some people have an interest they would like to pursue, like cooking or mountain biking and they wish to find out more about it or share their passion with others. By developing a theme vacation that immerses the vacationer in a topic, place or activity, the tour companies and hospitality industries have wisely tapped a previously unexplored vein of

Let's assume that the trip is planned with travel experts and tour guides. Whether your passion is Egyptology, music, golf, or architecture, or if you are some of those people who just really wants to take a seat on the most effective beaches and perhaps execute a little snorkeling, a "theme" vacation will give you a lot of contact with the things you love the most.

You may get a very cheap deal on a Nile trip having an inexperienced tour company. Weigh the worth and safety of the trip. Select a company that has negotiated the most effective access to historical sites and one which will provide adequate security and lodging. Opt for a business that is a little more expensive, so that your trip isn't a nightmare.

An excellent theme vacation may cost you anywhere from $1,500 to $3,500 (and sometimes, even around $5,500 for exotic or hard-to-reach destinations or dangerous locales that need assistance and security or trained guides), with regards to the period of stay and the length you must happen to be make it happen and be involved in the activities. So anticipate to spend some cash!

Go through the itinerary and decide if you should be as much as the challenge. In the event that you are likely to mountain bike in China, and you've only started your mountain biking exercise and conditioning, you might not yet prepare yourself for such an intense journey. In the event that you fall behind or have problems, you could lose your dream trip and your money.

Visit Hawaii, do some sight-seeing and attend the NFL pro bowl, or anybody of many other experiences. Attend the Rose Bowl, and get grandstand seats to watch the Rose Bowl Parade. If you want to play football, you can enjoy in the historic Los Angeles Coliseum or play in the Disney Wide World of Sports complex in Orlando, FL.

You can even play baseball in other countries, sightsee and enjoy the local cuisine and activities and live out your baseball dream all at the same time. Join a tour and visit Panama, Japan Costa Rica, Australia, China, Prague, the Dominican Republic, Mexico City, Greece, Israel and even Paris, all while playing baseball and loving every minute of one's journey. A multi-million dollar industry of resorts, vacations and experiences that immerse you in the golf experience, coach you on how to play a better game and provide beautiful surroundings by which to play and sightsee. How about playing in Ireland on Royal Portrush, Tralee, Ballybunion, or Portmarnock? You can even take a golf CRUISE, playing in the Bahamas, Bermuda, Mexico, or Hawaii.