By: Allison Landi and Emmeline Carwile

About the song.

Background Information: Bastille is a rock band from England that began in 2010. The members of the band are Dan Smith who sings. Kyle Simmons who plays the keyboard. Will Farquarson who plays bass. And finally Chris Wood who plays drums.

About Pompeii: Pompeii was written and composed by Dan Smith and it was arranged by Jacob Narverud. The recording artist fro Pompeii is Bastille. This songs time signature is in 4/4. Pompeii is written in Soprano, Alto, and Baritone or (SAB)

Interesting Facts: Pompeii is number four on their album Bad Blood. It was written about the Roman city of Pompeii, that was destroyed by a volcano in 79AD.

Contrasting: Don't Stop Believin' is different than Pompeii because it is an older song and that the bands that wrote these songs are not as popular anymore.