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What is their battery life?

The battery life of the robotic vacuum cleaner is not that much because it is a very small machine which means that the battery which has been kept in the machine is small and it does not require any kind of extra thing and the best thing is that if you fully charge the machine then it will give you somewhere around 5 - 6 hours of cleaning nonstop and when you keep It on a single charge then it will work for almost 2 hours or more because the battery will drain a lot quicker since it is a machine and the robotic vacuum cleaner is the one that will work ion all the corners of the house and it is an expert in cleaning which means that it will clean all the dust and dirt, but the only thing is that it will not clean any water because it, not a moping machine it is a vacuum cleaner, and it is made to suck in all the dust and dirt with full force so that every corner of the house gets cleaned properly and no sport has anything left. If you live in an apartment, then this is a good thing to purchase because it will hardly take 30 minutes for the vacuum cleaner to clean the whole house, and this is why it best for use in your house so that you can focus on doing different things while the robotic vacuum cleaner is helping you by cleaning every room of your house from any kind of dirt and the major disadvantage of the robotic vacuum cleaner is that they can only clean the floors and they cannot clean the walls or anything high this is because it is a small machine and it has wheels which it can also be used to roam around in the house by itself and then clean every corner to make the house nice and clean.
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The best thing about the robotic vacuum cleaner is that they are not very loud like the normal vacuum cleaner that you have in your house and which you use to clean everything because it is small and compact. https://evxstore.com/en/robotic-vacuums/
This is the link you can click on to know more about the robotic vacuum cleaner and its different uses.

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