Helpful Tech Sites


A very easy to use online voice recording site. Once you complete your recording, you can email it, embed it into a webpage, blog or wiki, download or create a QR Code! No login or signup required!

Great site to use with subs to leave students directions when teacher is out, allow students to practice listening and speaking in both their language and in a foreign language, post "what we did today" on you wiki, blog or website and more!

URL shorteners

Need to give students a url that is too long? Then shorten it! Here are some sites that do just that!

  • and Bitly creates a shortened url for you while TinyURL and Snip URL allows you to create a custom url.
  • VozMe

    Turn any text into an audio file. Go to . Either type or copy and paste text, select English, Spanish or Italian then click create mp3. Play your message or download as an mp3!