Animal Cloning

how humans have affected animal cloning.

What humans have done with cloning change animals or make more.

Humans have use cloning in many different ways. For example People have cloned their animals because they were going to die and they wanted the same dog, farmers also used cloning to clone their cows or what ever other animals that they have, and last scientists. They will use cloning to keep a species from going extinct or they will clone a single animal to use as a test animal.

Pros and cons of animal cloning

According to scientists use different body parts for different animals., animal. This is bad because now that animal will spread its gens with other animals and then the other animals will do the same and then they screwed with a whole species unless they keep it for testing and testing only. A pro of animal cloning is you can use it to save a species or for special testing to where you would be able to save a whole species by making a clone then testing on that. This is a con and a pro.

how animal cloning works.

According to the university of Utah In 2009, scientists had their first near-success resurrecting an extinct animal. Using goats as egg donors and surrogates, they made several clones of a wild mountain goat called the bucardo—but the longest-surviving clone died soon after birth. Even if the effort eventually succeeds, the only frozen tissue sample comes from a female, so it will only produce female clones. However, scientists speculate they may beable to remove one X chromossome and add a Y chromosome from a related goat species to make a male.
Endangered Animal Cloning