Do You Know Anything About Oceans?

Written by Korey

What Is A Ocean And How It Is Formed

My land form is the oceans. My land form is contained with liquid water. My land form is also the southern ocean. Ocean is divided into the Pacific, Atlantic, Indian, and Arctic ocean. Water gets into ocean by rivers and water cycle.

The Pacific Ocean

The Pacific ocean is between Asia, North America, Australia, and South America. The Pacific ocean is the 1st largest ocean of Earth's ocean. It covers more Earth's surface than all the dry land put together. The ocean has a lot of wildlife and fish.

The Atlantic Ocean

The Atlantic ocean is between the North America, South America, Africa, and Europe. The Atlantic ocean is the 2nd largest ocean. The Atlantic drains more of the Earth's land. There are some fish and wildlife.

The Arctic Ocean

The Arctic ocean is between Russia, Canada, Alaska, and the United States. The Arctic ocean is the coldest ocean. The Arctic ocean is so cold that not much people live there and no one swims there. There isn't much wildlife and fishes there.

The Indian Ocean

The Indian ocean is between Africa, Europe, Asia, and Australia. The Indian ocean is the 3rd largest ocean. The Indian ocean is hot, destructive storms, and tropical. There are people, fish, and some wildlife.