Friday, October 9, 2020

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Grit and Grace

Grit is passion and perseverance for long-term and meaningful goals. It is the ability to persist in something you feel passionate about and persevere when you face obstacles.

Grace: elegance or beauty of form, manner, motion, or in one's action:

Thank you for continuing to push through each week and facing each day with strength, GRIT and GRACE. We each have a purpose and that is to serve our students. Although our school year looks different this year, our purpose will always remain the same.

We are very proud of each and every one of you. Continue to support one another wherever you can! We are all in this together!

Have a Great Week!


Weekly Zoom Links

Please make sure you are updating your zoom links at the beginning of the week.


  • Shout out to our counselors, Amaris and Claudia for hosting a virtual parent meeting "Turning virtual lemons to lemondade". Great information was shared. Parents were grateful for the opportunity to spend time with other parents.
  • From one of our Rhodes Families: Hope its not too late, wish you a very happy teachers day and thank you for all that you do. The gratitude is multifolded especially this year given the circumstances and challenges. I thank each and eveyone at Rhodes staff and support for being such extraordinary examples and torch bearers of the high spirit.

    Thanks to you all.

    Proud to be a Raptor family!!

  • Shout-Out to Mr. Smurr! Thank you for building relationships with students during lunch time!

  • A huge thank you to Eva Geiger, Stacie Flinn, Michelle Sison, Sheri Roberts and Melissa Monaghan for covering classes this week! We appreciate you so much!

  • Shout-out to the Mr. Tony and the cafeteria staff for all of your hard work feeding our students and families.

Team Leader Meeting on Monday!

The next staff meeting/staff development will be on Wednesday, October 14th. We will be discussing Instructional Strategies with Mark Yarber.

Raptor Parent of the Month

Hey Rhodes Raptors,

Who doesn't enjoy a "feel good" story? Or hearing about a role model in the community? ...well .. with so many incredible parents in our Raptor community, it's time to start shining a light on our all star role models.

How? the end of this email is a link to a google form for our staff to nominate a parent/guardian. As indicated in the form you will select the pillar the adult best exemplifies.

Then what? ...information shared to nominate the adult, as well as additional information and/or pictures shared by the nominee will be used in a mini highlight story that will be shared with our campus. Next our wonderful principal will include our Raptor parent/guardian in the parent bulletin.

We will have our first parent/guardian of the month in October.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Alysha.

Positive Phone Calls

We will continue our positive phone calls for our students. If you have a student that is participating in person or on-line and they are attending everyday and doing a great job on assignements, fill out this google form and we will be happy to contact parents and students!

Face Coverings-Please update your Parents

Neck sleeves, bandanas or Gaiters are no longer allowed.
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Report Card Schedule

  • 10/15-Please submit your report card comments on a google doc. (Pre-K,K, 2, 5 submit to Mr. Smurr/ALE, 1,3,4-submit to Kilpatrick)
  • 10/15-Specialist grades due
  • 10/19-Report cards due and complete
  • 10/20-10/21-District will run reports cards/Admin will review
  • 10/23-Report cards go home

CEP-Important! Please READ

Classroom Teachers,

It is CEP time! Please assign the attached link to to the form as an assignment in your READING folder. Please ask the parents to fill it out within their child's account (parents will not have the ability to complete in their account- it must be completed in the student's account). The submission back of this form can be counted toward attendance on the day it is submitted as well. Teachers, please ensure that every student completes the form. It is super important and necessary for our Title 1 documentation.

The completion window is Oct. 12-Oct. 21st.

Thank You! If you have any questions, please see Susan.

Golden Hashtag

Don't forget to tweet all of the wonderful things you are doing in your classrooms. We will be on the hunt for our first Golden Hashtag winners of the school year!

Open Enrollment Going on Now through October 23!


Reminder: Students should be marked with a P if they are present in the building.


10/12- K-2 Math push-in support begins

10/12-3-5 In-person Math groups begin

10/12-Team Leader Meeting

10/13-Virtual Math Groups begin

10/13-Red Wagon Meeting 3:30

10/14-Math Rocks Challenge

10/14-Fire Drill

10/14-Staff Development/Staff Meeting with Mark Yarber 3:30


10/15-Report card comments due

10/15-specialists grades due

10/16-End of 9 Weeks

10/19-Report cards ready

Happy Birthday


10/2-Veronica Rivera

10/23-Melissa Monaghan-Lopez

Staff Humor and Inspiration

'We're toast': Teacher drops off zoom call and 2nd graders hilariously try to behave l GMA Digital

Safety Reminders (these will remain on our newsletter)

Please continue to adhere to these safety guidelines.

Visitors-At this time, no visitors are allowed on campus. This includes spouses, significant others, friends and children.

Self-Health Check In-Before entering the building, you must complete the self-check in to ensure you are well. You will find the QR code at the front door. This must be completed before entering.

Masks-All staff must wear masks entering the building. Masks need to be worn in all common areas (front office, hallways, workrooms, lounge, etc.)When you are in your classroom, you may take your mask off, but keep it close. If someone enters your room or you leave your room, you need to put it on. Remember, wearing a mask correctly (covering your nose and mouth) protects YOU and keeps others around you SAFE.

Entering The Building-Social distancing must be followed when entering the building. There will be no congregation of staff members at the entrance of the school or in the front office area. Please keep a 6 foot distance between you and your colleagues. Staff must enter through the front office doors.

WorkRoom-This is a small space. Please no more than 2 people are allowed in this space. One person at each of the copy machine. Yolanda will assist with your laminating needs. We will have one assistant assigned to copy for you all if needed. Martin has placed disinfectant spray in the workroom for your use. Please wipe down the machine before and after each use.

Teachers Lounge-the lounge will be available for anyone who wants to take a break, eat lunch, etc. You must keep 6 foot distance from others. You may remove your mask to eat but will need to put it back on once done. Martin has placed disinfectant spray in the lounge for your use. Please wipe down your table before and after eating at the table and any area used such as refrigerator handles and mircrowave. Martin and his team will disinfect this area often.

Classrooms-Everyone should be in their own classroom. There cannot be more than one person sharing a room at any time. If you enter someone's room, you MUST wear a mask.

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